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July 2020 No Spend Recap

2020 GOAL: $4,000 for ROTH IRA + $11,000 in SAVINGS = When I Can Start Paying Extra on Debt July 1st Total Cash: $6,087.35‬ Liquid Investments: $3,000.00 (3 Month CD) Savings Goal: $15,000.00 Money Left to Save: $5,913.00 Current Car Debt: $12,707.04 Current Student Loan Debt: $46,418.57 July certainly came in like a wrecking ball … Continue reading July 2020 No Spend Recap

Operation Staycation 2020

With all things 2020, global pandemic, killer hornets, and possibly aliens right around the corner, we decided to have a staycation this summer. We are focusing on what we are gaining rather than focusing on what we are losing. Sure we don’t get to check out a new place this year. We don’t have to … Continue reading Operation Staycation 2020

Plastic Free July

Adios plastic wrap! Mr. BMM just had to deal with a situation where you would have worked but instead he opted for foil (because I hid the plastic wrap). Anyone want a half used box of plastic wrap? I am so inspired by all of the blog posts and Instagram pictures supporting plastic free July. … Continue reading Plastic Free July

Personal Freedom

Where did BMM go? I am here!!! I got some news this weekend that was bitter sweet and completely blocked my mind from writing. See for the past 26 years (yep it started when I was a small child) I have been trying to break away from some really bad people. On July 4th, I … Continue reading Personal Freedom

Book Review: Playing with FIRE by Scott Rieckens

Playing with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early): How Far Would You Go for Financial Freedom? by Scott Rieckens Again the reviews on Goodreads seem to be focused on the Rieckens’ household income of $142,000 per year. Let’s put some things into perspective. The median (not the average but the family in the middle’s) household income … Continue reading Book Review: Playing with FIRE by Scott Rieckens

June 2020 No Spend Recap

2020 GOAL: $4,000 for ROTH IRA + $11,000 in SAVINGS = When I Can Start Paying Extra on Debt June 1st Total Cash: $6,348.00* Corrected to include my mutual fund Savings Goal: $15,000.00 Money Left to Save: $9,100.63 Current Car Debt: $12,927.67 Current Student Loan Debt: $46,581.24 During this month I refinanced my car and … Continue reading June 2020 No Spend Recap

Oops. I Shopped.

Over the past 18 months, I have been on a no shopping ban. It has been wildly successful by getting my finances on track to build an emergency fund, fund a Roth-IRA, and pay off debt. And things were going great. Yesterday I shopped. I did not shop from my approved shopping list or from … Continue reading Oops. I Shopped.

OMG BMM was on a PODCAST!!!

The lovely and beautiful Author, Podcaster, and YouTuber, Katie Coughran, featured one of my articles on her most recent podcast! I started this blog as a way to keep myself honest with my no spend 2019 challenge. It has morphed over time but always comes back to minimalism. To hear the words spoken out into this universe … Continue reading OMG BMM was on a PODCAST!!!

Crap My Fanny Pack Broke

Earlier this week I wrote about cancelling Amazon Prime because I really failed to see value in paying a membership fee. Amazon Music was ok but randomly decided when I could listen to certain songs. Amazon Prime Video was nice but we can still rent movies without the membership fee. Amazon 2 day shipping is … Continue reading Crap My Fanny Pack Broke

My Personal Nature Fix

Since the global shut down, Mr. BMM and I have adopted a more outdoorsy type of life. Each night we look at each other and ask “What do you want to do tonight?” We usually go with a bicycle ride, motorcycle ride, walk, hike, or run. Each night we go to a different place and … Continue reading My Personal Nature Fix

Student Loans: Refinancing

Ok, I’m not a financial advisor but let me share what just happened. I currently have $46,581.24 of student loans with a 20 year fixed rate of 5.39%. Today I was looking to refinance my student loans since the rates are closer to 3.5ish% and up. I called my student loan company, Citizen’s Bank (shout … Continue reading Student Loans: Refinancing

Summer Cooking

I love to cook. My one grandfather really sparked my interest in cooking. He would have me over to teach me how to make different recipes. Such a beautiful memory. I actually have his crock pot and a recipe book. I love using them both as a sweet reminder of an awesome man. If I … Continue reading Summer Cooking

Thrifting is Officially Cool

Recently podcasts started to talk about thrifting being cool and all of the environmental benefits. Honestly, thrifting has been cool for a long time. We sometimes weird ourselves out and make up some crazy stories as to why thrifting won’t work. Maybe all of the right stars collided one day to bring me to minimalism, … Continue reading Thrifting is Officially Cool

Book Review: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Found this book at one of my local Little Free Libraries along one of my many walks over the past couple of weeks. I love running. I enjoy Memoirs. Figured I would give this book a chance. Right now, I’m trying to calculate how many years I have been running. I started sometime around 2005 … Continue reading Book Review: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Minimalist Mind Reader

Weeks ago I started talking about what I wanted to keep as well as change going forward as the world slowly starts to open up. While this shut down sucked, it was the first time in my whole life that I had time to reflect and truly make the best decisions for myself and my … Continue reading Minimalist Mind Reader