How We Minimize Food Waste

One January morning as I returned from my 6am grocery story run, Mr. BMM announced a great idea. He kindly and lovingly suggested that we both try the Vertical Diet. When I say kindly and lovingly, Mr. BMM saw this new diet as an easier way to meal prep since we would both be eating … Continue reading How We Minimize Food Waste

Guess what day it is!?!?!?!

It’s the BMM 2nd Blog-A-Versary Happy Blog-A-Versary to the Beautiful Minimal Millennial! After reflecting on the past year, let’s all agree it’s been a crazy year!  Nobody ever would have guessed that the world would have shut down, lives turned upside down and sideways, and we are all living a new normal.  I know that … Continue reading Guess what day it is!?!?!?!

Book Review: 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg

Regardless if you purchase the book or borrow it from the library, one of the best ways to support your favorite authors is to review their books on Amazon and/or Goodreads. 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg Found this book after listening to the Frugal Friends podcast Episode 103, How to live … Continue reading Book Review: 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg