Axe Throwing and Meditation

Axe throwing date night was a success! It was great to get out and have something new to try together. My husband and I got a little competitive, tied for the highest scoring game, and I lost by one game. But it was smiles all over the place! Since our schedules do not always match, … Continue reading Axe Throwing and Meditation

Falling into Slowness

Self-care continues with puppy walks, reading, yoga, running, and lifting. While that might sound like a lot, it means peace and calm in my mind and body for me. I found that I am embracing a slower pace after a couple running injuries and digestive issues earlier this month. For a type A, it is … Continue reading Falling into Slowness

Minimalism Got me Here: Capsule Wardrobe

After listening to the most recent Sustainable Minimalist Podcast about capsule wardrobes it got me thinking. I have a work uniform that I love and wrote about before. I have a standard running and lifting outfit that I love. I have a small but carefully curated shoe collection for my life that I love. I … Continue reading Minimalism Got me Here: Capsule Wardrobe