From Clutter and Over Consumption to Simple and Minimalist

Back to my first full work week since before the holidays and my headphones have been working in overdrive. I stumbled across some of the most beautiful and amazing podcasts about minimalism this week. Since I am a recovering shop-a-holic, listening to podcasts about decluttering and minimalism help me keep my old behaviors in check. … Continue reading From Clutter and Over Consumption to Simple and Minimalist

Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

During the podcast episode of Go Help Yourself, they discussed Angela Duckworth's book titled Grit. The piece that hit me the hardest was about giving up on low level goals. For the Type A, overachiever that may reside within me (ok it does!), it feels weird and wrong to give up on a low level … Continue reading Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Skipping the nail salon and getting outside for a hike was a priority this weekend. Our niece want to go get her nails done, but you all know I am on a no spend year. Instead I offered to do take out salad and a hike. It was a total success! I have been focusing … Continue reading Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Axe Throwing and Meditation

Axe throwing date night was a success! It was great to get out and have something new to try together. My husband and I got a little competitive, tied for the highest scoring game, and I lost by one game. But it was smiles all over the place! Since our schedules do not always match, … Continue reading Axe Throwing and Meditation

Minimize: Allergies are the Best

Allergies are the best. Stay with me. My allergies forced me to find alternatives for many things.  In finding the alternatives, let's just say I saved money too! Room air freshener - White vinegar in a glass mason jar. It literally cleans that lingering puppy fart smell.   Another fun option is a mason jar with … Continue reading Minimize: Allergies are the Best