From Clutter and Over Consumption to Simple and Minimalist

Back to my first full work week since before the holidays and my headphones have been working in overdrive. I stumbled across some of the most beautiful and amazing podcasts about minimalism this week. Since I am a recovering shop-a-holic, listening to podcasts about decluttering and minimalism help me keep my old behaviors in check. … Continue reading From Clutter and Over Consumption to Simple and Minimalist

Hello Self Care Rockstar!

The stars aligned this week to give me a very clear message. FOCUS ON SELF CARE! It was self care from podcasts. Self care from a book. Self care from yoga. Self care. Self care. Self care. Okay Universe, I got it! My self care focus started this past weekend when I challenging myself to … Continue reading Hello Self Care Rockstar!

Well Hello Winter. You are Here Too Early ❄

Woke up this past weekend to a balmy 14 degrees on Saturday and heat wave of 31 degrees on Sunday. Refusing to give into the winter temperatures, I bundled up to the point that I looked like a tick that is about to pop and took my pup for a walk both days. It eventually … Continue reading Well Hello Winter. You are Here Too Early ❄

Glowing Fall Skin

As the weather changed and the days got shorter, my routine needed to change. My workout routine flatten out and expands to 5 days from 4 days. That shift bumped my grocery shopping day. Next, I took some time to readjust my self care routine by researching oils to use on my face. For about … Continue reading Glowing Fall Skin

Oh Fall Dinners… I Missed You

Have you ever had your house fill up with delicious smells from what you were cooking in the oven only to have to wait until it's ready? I am literally bundled up and typing this blog post from my front porch. It's about 45 degrees, sunshine, and a light breeze but I CANNOT wait until … Continue reading Oh Fall Dinners… I Missed You

Hello Extra Hour of Sleep

Making sleep my #1 priority over everything else has been one of the best decisions I made recently. This weekend we turn our clocks back an hour so I get an extra hour of sleep! Hello pillow! I remember the times when I would be equally as excited for an extra hour at the bar. … Continue reading Hello Extra Hour of Sleep