Tis the Season for Fun, Not Stress

Without discussion or fanfare, I decided I would only decorate for Christmas this year.  It's really my most favorite holiday to decorate primarily due to our ornament collection. However, the real reason why I stopped is that it doesn't matter to my husband or pup.  It probably doesn't matter to my neighbors.  It just stressed … Continue reading Tis the Season for Fun, Not Stress

Hello Self Care Rockstar!

The stars aligned this week to give me a very clear message. FOCUS ON SELF CARE! It was self care from podcasts. Self care from a book. Self care from yoga. Self care. Self care. Self care. Okay Universe, I got it! My self care focus started this past weekend when I challenging myself to … Continue reading Hello Self Care Rockstar!

Well Hello Winter. You are Here Too Early ❄

Woke up this past weekend to a balmy 14 degrees on Saturday and heat wave of 31 degrees on Sunday. Refusing to give into the winter temperatures, I bundled up to the point that I looked like a tick that is about to pop and took my pup for a walk both days. It eventually … Continue reading Well Hello Winter. You are Here Too Early ❄

Glowing Fall Skin

As the weather changed and the days got shorter, my routine needed to change. My workout routine flatten out and expands to 5 days from 4 days. That shift bumped my grocery shopping day. Next, I took some time to readjust my self care routine by researching oils to use on my face. For about … Continue reading Glowing Fall Skin

Oh Fall Dinners… I Missed You

Have you ever had your house fill up with delicious smells from what you were cooking in the oven only to have to wait until it's ready? I am literally bundled up and typing this blog post from my front porch. It's about 45 degrees, sunshine, and a light breeze but I CANNOT wait until … Continue reading Oh Fall Dinners… I Missed You

Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

During the podcast episode of Go Help Yourself, they discussed Angela Duckworth's book titled Grit. The piece that hit me the hardest was about giving up on low level goals. For the Type A, overachiever that may reside within me (ok it does!), it feels weird and wrong to give up on a low level … Continue reading Helping Myself to Sleep and Great Books

Big Goals are Scary 👻

The beginning of my week felt like I was skipping in a field of wild flowers. Here is how I felt: Been practicing a daily yoga/ meditation/ gratitude for a couple of months now. Recently I have found myself watching drama but not getting sucked in. Or recognizing passive aggressive attitudes and be able to … Continue reading Big Goals are Scary 👻

Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Skipping the nail salon and getting outside for a hike was a priority this weekend. Our niece want to go get her nails done, but you all know I am on a no spend year. Instead I offered to do take out salad and a hike. It was a total success! I have been focusing … Continue reading Manifesting Big Goals and Pumpkin Bread

Axe Throwing and Meditation

Axe throwing date night was a success! It was great to get out and have something new to try together. My husband and I got a little competitive, tied for the highest scoring game, and I lost by one game. But it was smiles all over the place! Since our schedules do not always match, … Continue reading Axe Throwing and Meditation