Made in My Own Country

Previously I wrote about wanting to support my family, friends, and neighbors by purchasing items made in America.

I am going to buy made in America as much as possible whenever I shop. As you know, I’m currently on my second year of no shopping with a couple exceptions. My shopping is fairly limited to start. However, when I do shop, I plan to spend my money on Made In America.

Why Made In America? Well I’m an American. I want to support my family, friends, and neighbors where I live as much as possible. I want to shop at local stores and order meals from local restaurants. With the little I do shop, I want to do my part in stimulating my local economy. I want to see businesses open rather than worn out empty buildings.

What This Does not Mean? I have no hate or shame for other countries. In fact, I love all things British Royal. Canada is one of our families’ favorite vacation destinations. Books about the Nordic countries’ traditions light me up and it’s on my bucket list to see the Northern Lights. I always dreamed of seeing the Amazon Rain Forest, climbing Patagonia, and checking out elephants in Africa. I would love to be on the opposite side of Earth visiting Australia.

I am trying to help out my family, friends, and neighbors. In the end, you do you.

Here are the American companies that I am supporting:

  • Discount Filters – Air, water, refrigerator, HVAC, humidifier filters, and more. Made in Indiana
  • Luffa Gardens – Loofah or Luffa (however you want to spell it), soaps, and more. Made in California
  • Kiss Freely – All natural, gluten free, and allergen free cosmetics. Made in New York
  • Be Care Love – Hair care products. Made in California
  • Magsoothium – Muscle rub lotions and sprays. Made in Pennsylvania
  • Alaffia – Kick ass deodorant and body products. Made in Washington
  • Maty’s All Natural – “Medicines” made from real whole foods for coughs, colds, acid reflex, and more. Made in Colorado
  • EO – Organic deodorant made with essential oils. Made in California
  • Keys – Body and hair care products made with real food ingredients. Made in America

Do you have an American made brand or company you love? Comment below and I will add to my list.