Mini February Theme: Self-Care

Part of cutting back on the unrealistic and insane cleaning narratives, a door opened for me to spend time giving myself some much-needed self-care.  While attempting to give myself self-care during my second no-spend year could be challenging, I came up with 5 frugal and some free ideas.  Just like Jonathan Fields described in his … Continue reading Mini February Theme: Self-Care

2020 Theme: Slow Applies to Chores – February

I am entering my second month of my 2020 Slow Theme.  By going slower, so much stuff has bubbled up.  So much so, that I decided to have mini-monthly resolutions to support my theme.  February’s theme is around chores and cleaning.  I have written in the past about feeling overwhelmed and wanted to reevaluate my … Continue reading 2020 Theme: Slow Applies to Chores – February