Why We Shop: Have You Met Diderot?

Recently I have been wondering why I haven’t been drawn to purchasing anything new. No new decorations for the house. No new kitchen appliances or gadgets. No new clothes or shoes. Nothing except for food and replacements to broken well used things. Then I heard about the Diderot Effect. A light bulb went off. When the French … Continue reading Why We Shop: Have You Met Diderot?

November 2020 No Spend Update

It's getting hot in here! My debt pay off is on fire! Every extra dollar not spent on necessities or allocated to savings is going right towards my car! November 1st Total Cash: $2,845.52High Yield Savings Account: $3,001.53Mutual Fund: $2,694.69Current Car Debt: $5,840.46Current Student Loan Debt: $45,644.12 November has been a good month. I celebrated … Continue reading November 2020 No Spend Update

Eating Great Food on a Budget: Part 2: Chicken

Today I want to go through some of my go-to crowd pleasing favorites that I literally always have the stuff on hand to make. You will notice that these recipes are for chicken. Chicken is cheap. I'm trying to spend responsibly on food. We eat a lot of chicken. But if you hate chicken, don't … Continue reading Eating Great Food on a Budget: Part 2: Chicken