About Me

I am one of those millennials that love to explore minimalism along with eating chocolate, having puppy snuggles, and getting kisses from my hubby. I graduated with a B.S. in accounting and obtained a MBA with a management specialization. During the day, I work in finance, love all things productivity, and find total nerd enjoyment in telling stories with data aka facts. After work, you could find me at the gym, going for a run, reading a book, or spending time with my little family. Before getting my accounting degree, I was a hair stylist. Doing hair helped me afford to go to college with less than expected debt. I have always had a creative side to me. Since accounting does not have a creative side, I starting this blog. I love to share recipes, books, and household hacks that truly add value to my life.

My Origin Story: Growing up there were only fights about money, overspending on what I now categorize as useless things, and no education on budgeting. I woke up one day in my mid-thirties drenched in sweat in total fear of my current financial situation. I had close to $10,000 in credit card debt along with car and student loan debt. If my numbers were close to being accurate, I would be working until I was 100 years old. I decided that wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life. Quietly, I worked to pay off my credit card debt. Then I announced to my husband I was going to pay off my car and student loan debt because I wanted to retire earlier than 100 years old. The Beautiful Minimal Millennial started in 2019 as a way for me to document my journey of paying off $31,000 in car debt and $49,000 in student loan debt. I figured that if I wrote about it, I had to be honest. I have spent 2019 and 2020 only spending money on a predetermined list of essential items and pre-approved items. At the start of 2020, I paid off close to half of my car debt. Join me as I document my no-spend year, pay off debt, and find new ways to enjoy life as a minimalist.

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