Just Wear the Fancy Dress

Recently I wrote about chipping my Nanny’s (aka my grandmother’s) fine china platter after deciding that I’d put it in the dishwasher, use it, risking damage rather than saving it in the cabinet for a special day.  Today I’m writing about one of two fancy dresses that I typically save for weddings, funerals, and those types of events.  I have this one cute sleeveless black dress that I love.  It’s sleeveless with a nude underdress with black lace over top.  It sounds a bit more club’ish than it really is.  It gets washed with our regular laundry, requires no ironing, and it’s ready to wear any time.  I found it, of all places, at my local health food store!

I have decided that I’m putting this dress in my normal rotation.  Why?  Because honestly, I’m working to manifest my dream job where I work full time remote, I don’t need to play dress up for zoom meetings, I’m incentivized to work hard, and have flexibility in my work schedule to enjoy life.  My dream job will cause a shift in my wardrobe.  I won’t be playing dress-up as much. 

Today I pulled up to the office in that dress with simple nude ballet flats.  I’ve been having a rough couple of months at work so wearing this dress makes me feel unstoppable.  Like I have some super power to reflect negative energy and vibes.  Like I’m one badass bitch and one not to be messed with.  Truthfully, I should probably wear this dress to the DMV when I need to renew my license.  You all know how challenging a day at the DMV could be. 

So wear the “someday” clothes today.  Because why not??? 

Minimalists are *FILL IN THE BLANK* – Are you Sure?

The beautiful author of Mind. Beauty. Simplicity wrote The 10 Misconceptions of Being A Minimalist last week.  I love that she wrote about this topic.  Oftentimes people spend a little bit of time observing me, noticing that I only wear black dresses to work, and rarely, if ever, talk about any shopping besides grocery shopping.  … Continue reading Minimalists are *FILL IN THE BLANK* – Are you Sure?

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