Cracked My Grandmother’s Fine China Platter

Growing up I never saw my Nanny use either set of her fine china.  NEVER!  It was always tucked away for a special day or a special meal.   For the first 23 years of my life, my Nanny’s china was tucked away.  Finally, after my Nanny and Poppy restored my great-grandmother’s home did my Nanny display her one set of china.  It brought her so much joy to see her china out every single day.  Unfortunately, my Nanny only had about 2 years of enjoying her china before she passed away. 

assorted-color ceramic bowls and saucers lot on white wooden shelves

Being her only granddaughter, I inherited both sets of china.  One set was not my style at all.  Rather than keeping that set of china tucked away I commissioned a local artist to break the china and turn it into Christmas ornaments.  The other set is totally my style.  The set that I mostly kept is very simple.  Plain white with a small silver ring around the edge of the plates and bowls.  I kept 4 place settings and two platers and donated the rest.  I swore that I wouldn’t leave my Nanny’s china tucked away rather I would enjoy it. 

Yet I still kept it tucked away on the top shelf in my kitchen. I feared that I would chip or break a piece. I believed the old wives’ tale that fine china would lose its pattern in the dishwasher. And so the china sat until I heard on a podcast about the host using her family’s inherited fine china and putting it in the dishwasher! My mind was blown. Apparently, despite years of washing this china in the dishwasher, the pattern has only faded slightly. We officially send my Nanny’s fine china through the dishwasher and use it regularly!

Just this past weekend when I was doing dishes I accidently dropped a platter. It got chipped. Rather than getting upset. I looked out the window, up to the sky, and said with a smile “well I’d rather have a chip in your platter Nanny than it not be used and loved.”

We spend lots of time and money acquiring things.  We pass things along sometimes with burdensome stories and others with a lighter approach.  Minimalism has helped me part with the burdensome stories, the clutter, and the negative feelings attached to things. Stop waiting for the perfect day to wear that dress or that fancy dinner to use your fancy china, wear that dress today and break out that china for takeout pizza!  Enjoy the beauty in your day rather than keeping it tucked away for the perfect day. 

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

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