17 Things Millennials Didn’t Kill

Last week I came across an article that claimed that Millennials killed 17 different things.  17!  Well, I couldn’t help but laugh.  Millennials have become the butt of so many jokes and are blamed for the most random things.  I have no idea where they came up with this list or determined that millennials were in fact the cause of cable TV’s demise.  Maybe it was cable TV’s $200 price tag for mostly “who on earth watches these channels” that killed cable TV.

  1. Cable TV – We only have basic cable in order to get the local channels because I couldn’t find an antenna that worked.  This millennial is only partially to blame here. 
  2. Banks – I’m not 100% committed to a bank and/or credit union.  I’m looking for ease of use when banking.  I like be able to use my phone to do all of my banking transactions.  The whole concept of having to walk into a bank branch seems a bit excessive to me. 
  3. Diamonds – While I do have a couple pieces with diamonds, I remember telling Mr. BMM that real diamonds were not necessary for an engagement ring and there was no reason to go in debt buying a ring either.  Mr. BMM still bought real diamonds but he kept the cost completely reasonable.  I love my engagement ring because of the memories and thought Mr. BMM put into his proposal. 
  4. Golf – I never could get into this sport.  Who hits a ball and then chases that same ball?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Plus the whole vibe of a golf course club house just isn’t my thing. 
  5. Marriage – I don’t think all millennials are anti-marriage.  I just don’t think millennials are into the barefoot, pregnant, and married by 20 thing.  I didn’t get married until I was 30 and he was 27, which went totally against “The Firm” rules.  I love being married to Mr. BMM!
  6. Casual dining chains like TGI Fridays – If we go out for dinner, which is rare, we prefer fine dining and to enjoy the experience.   We also prefer local restaurants over chain. 
  7. Heavyweight motorcycles – I can’t drive a motorcycle but Mr. BMM does prefer lighter weight motorcycles.  He’s currently in love with BMW motorcycles, which I guess appeal more to the millennial generation. 
  8. Beer – Never enjoyed beer.  Now I’m allergic to so many things, including beer, that I won’t be making any beer purchases. 
  9. Wine corks – I’m allergic to too many foods so I can’t really comment on this one. 
  10. Paper Napkins – Haha paper napkins are so 2018 in the BMM household.  What’s wrong with using reusable cloth napkins like our grandparents?  Maybe we should blame our parents’ generation for creating such a wasteful product in the first place. 
  11. The 9-to-5 workday – I do work a 9-5 but I see more and more millennials ditching the 9-5 and working towards financial independence.  This is why more and more companies are offering flexibility, incentive programs, and other peaks to appeal to millennials.
  12. Ironing – Maybe it’s my OCD tendencies but I do iron our work clothes each week. 
  13. The business suit – We each own one but prefer never to wear a business suit again. 
  14. Department stores – Yeah, being on my third no spend year has me avoiding most stores all together anymore.  Department stores remind me of my sweet old grandmothers.  My local department store still looks the exact same way I did when I was a child shopping with my sweet old grandmothers.  Ahhh nostalgia.
  15. Running – I don’t agree with this one being on the list.  I love to run.  Any other runners out there?  I enjoy running because it helps me clear my mind, keeps me in good shape, and doesn’t require much equipment. 
  16. Doorbells – Why can’t you just knock on the door?  Why do I need to spend extra money for a bell?  Can’t you see I’m working towards financial independence?
  17. Postcards – Postcards are so 1990s.  I can’t remember the last time I sent a postcard. 

Are you a millennial guilty of killing any of these things?  If so, I’d love to get your thoughts on why you “killed” napkins or anything else.  I still don’t think millennials killed these things, we simply spend our money and value different things.  And that’s totally ok!!!

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4 thoughts on “17 Things Millennials Didn’t Kill

  1. LOL. I don’t think the death of most of these things is the end of the world. I wish people would recognize that the world evolves instead of moaning that things aren’t like they used to be and blaming certain groups for that.

    I was surprised to see doorbells on that list. Do people really not have doorbells any more?

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  2. well i am no where near being a millennial but i feel just some changes in overall life has had a affect on the list. but here is my take…. 1. since i live out in the sticks, have to have satellite tv since it has only been a couple of years that cable has been in the area. 2. have usually used a bank but rarely go in as i use atm or online. 3. if “she” likes them? why not. 4. never played and cant see chasing a ball around a course. 5. been there, done that. but for legal reasons, it is the best if the other partner dies and there is community property or insurance, etc. 6. not a fan. 7. nice to look at but hard to drive. 8. yes drink on occasion. 9. see number 8. 10. growing up we rarely used cloth napkins as they were for “special meals” 11. never had a real 9-5 job since im an RN and worked odd hours. 12. if i had too, i would. but prefer not to. lol 13. never owned one 14. does target, walmart count? 15. did that in high school and when i was in the navy 16. since i mostly lived in gated communities (no not jails) if one visited they would need to “buzz”. since my door is far from my gate, one needs to honk to get my attention. but is i lived in a regular house/apartment i would use one of those new door “bell” that show you who is there, 19. sure why not? i like getting real mail (not junk or bills) and i think a postcard or just a card is why more personal. i even make my own with a photo of mine. 🙂

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