Book Reviews: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

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“Endless desire is one of the pitfalls of human nature, and one of the first things you need to cure if you want to get ahead more quickly.”

Your Money or Your Life
by Vicki Robin

Who this book is for: Anyone struggling to build a budget, stay afloat with your finances, get out of debt, dreaming of financial independence.

Who should skip this book: Nobody should skip this book unless they are financial independent

Annoyed with student loans? I know I sure am. Student loans are my greatest regret. It wasn’t the collection of kitchen gadgets that I paid with a credit card that I decluttered during my KonMari tidying event. No. Not those. It wasn’t the closet full of ok clothes that I decluttered. I’m sure collectively I decluttered the same if not more than my student loan amount. And I still don’t regret those things. I sure do regret student loans. Vicki’s question stoked the anti-student loan fire with this question.

“What kind of society turns its young people into a profit center for the debt industry?”

Millennials have been told by our boomer parents that the only way to a good paycheck was through college and student loan debt is good debt. And yet Boomer Vicki Robbins is showing our generation and others how to get out of debt with her 9 step plan. The plan is brilliant. Thoughtful. Well written. It served as a wonderful reminder to myself to stay on my no spend yearly plan and that I too will find financial independence.

Vicki’s words about trading my time for money equating to life energy hit me hard. Really hard actually. I followed her plan to take all of my hours that I work + hours outside of work that I spend prepping for work (meal prepping, driving to/from work, etc.) and it was eye-opening. My hourly rate for work is $42.07 yet when I added in the additional hours to calculate my life energy that rate decreased to $28.00. This decrease reignited my passion to obtain financial independence and work remotely where it doesn’t matter if I’m dressed ready for a run or not.

Money is something you trade your life energy for. You sell your time for money. It doesn’t matter that Ned over there sells his time for a hundred dollars and you sell yours for twenty dollars an hour. Ned’s money is irrelevant to you. The only real asset you have is your time. The hours of your life.

Have you read Your Money or Your Life? What did you learn? What is one thing you took away from the book? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!

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