What’s the Point of Cutting Cable?

Millennials are likely to blame for cutting the cable cords back around 2008. Ahhh good old 2008! 2008 was the height of the Great Recession and around that same time Roku started to gain popularity. Anyone else find the timing a bit comical? Boomers killed our economy (maybe not all Boomers) with the deregulation of banks, the companies deemed “too big to fail” were on the brink of failure yet received billions in government bailout money, and we millennials were graduating high school or college, entering college, entering the workforce, working in the workforce, or somewhere in between.

Roku came out with a brilliant little piece of equipment on May 20, 2008. This little box allowed consumers to stream TV shows and movies through the internet onto their TV. The cost of a Roku today is between $17 and $30. The amount of money that you save by either cutting cable or reducing your cable services in comparison to the cost of the Roku is significant.

Well. It’s sort of significant. See it all depends on how many streaming services you pay for. A while back, I reduced our cable service to basic cable to ensure that we still got our local channels because an antenna did not work and we kept the internet. I supplemented our TV channels with Hulu and Amazon Prime. We have since ditched Amazon Prime because we ran out of shows that we wanted to watch.

Last month I noticed that all of the HGTV shows that we loved to watch right before bed had been removed from Hulu. Hmmm. To watch HGTV through Hulu, Hulu was going to charge $65/month. I don’t think so. I was happy paying the $6.35 per month to stream shows through Hulu. Then I observed Mr. BMM. He’s been hooked on watching YouTube. He loves to watch competitive eaters, all things related to motorcycles, gym fails, and strong man-related videos.

We chatted a little bit about swapping Hulu for Discovery + so that I could veg out right before bed on an HGTV show. He asked me the cost of both of these streaming services. I explained that Hulu is $6.35/month and Discovery + will be $5.29. He giggled. I admitted to him that we aren’t talking about huge dollar amounts. Yes, I can in fact keep both streaming services in the budget. But asked why we needed to pay for both when he (the prime TV watcher) hasn’t streamed a show through Hulu in weeks.

He thought about it.  Then agreed to try Discovery + in lieu of Hulu.  Cutting cable or reducing your cable services only works, if you manage your streaming services.  You aren’t saving money if you are paying for Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu, Discovery +, Disney, Netflix, and more.  Saving money, paying off debt, and moving towards Financial Independence is basically the whole point of this blog and my WHY around budgeting and being in my 3rd no-spend year. 

brown wooden box with number 13

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