Best 5 Podcasts for Minimalism

Michelle of the Boomer Eco Crusader blog inspired today’s post.  She recently wrote about an extreme minimalism Facebook group where there were a whole lot of judgy and mean people criticizing others for not being minimalist enough.  I believe there are various types of minimalists.  Some minimalists live out of backpacks as they travel the world.  I’m a minimalist that lives in an 850 square foot home with my husband where we have three sets of bath towels but no kitchen drawers full of random unused kitchen gadgets.  My husband likes to have some extra tools around just in case.  And since they are stored as a collection in the garage, I don’t care that he has 30 different screwdrivers. 

Today I wanted to share with you my 5 most favorite podcasts on minimalism.  All of these podcasts are accessible with a very kind tone.  Truthfully I stopped listening other podcasts because they got to be a little too stuffy for me.  And week after week I could predict exactly what the host(s) would say.  It didn’t matter the question or topic because the host’s response was going to be basically the same thing. 

How to Be a Minimalist:  Katie has a sweet and kind tone as she reviews articles, discusses her minimalists’ strategies, tips, tricks, and keeps listeners updated on her personal goals.  Katie is a homeschooling mama to two children and RV living awesome super human.  A new episode drops every Monday morning and runs about 20-40 minutes. 

Wannabe Minimalist:  The host, Deanna, brings a soft and gentle approach to minimalism and decluttering.  I have been listening to this podcast from its beginning because I’m always looking for a podcast that works with me, gives me some tips and tricks, and isn’t stuffy or annoying.  A new episode drops randomly each week-ish and runs about 20-40 minutes. 

The Maximized Minimalist:  Katie is a busy momma whose approach to minimalism works for any busy woman.  I’m pretty sure Katie smiles the entire podcast and it comes through.  Katie is a declutter guru.  And I love to hear her tips and tricks.  A new episode drops every Thursday morning and runs about 20-45 minutes. 

Basically Minimal:  Not sure how I found this podcast but I literally binged listened to this podcast over the weekend.  Morgan is 10 years younger than me but still a millennial.  At first I was a little unsure if I could relate to her topics but this beautiful human sucked me into her world.  Each episode left me wanting more.  A new episode drops every Monday morning and runs for about 5-15 minutes. 

Minimalism Made Simple:  Another binge worthy podcast!  I binged this podcast last week at work.  Rebecca keeps minimalism accessible to so many people.  She talks about digital minimalism, ditching the screen time, wearing a capsule wardrobe, and so many more great topics!  A new episode drops every Tuesday morning and runs about 10-25 minutes. 

two black headphones on brown wooden table

What is your most favorite podcast?  It doesn’t have to be about minimalism or decluttering.  I’m always looking for new podcasts. 


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