Back from Vacation

The Beautiful Minimal Millennial is back from vacation!  Last year I decided to take one month off from writing to give myself a little break, a breather, and to catch up on writing.  I’m thankful that I decided to repeat my vacation again this year. 

Hemi Looking at the Treat in my Hand

Family Update:  It’s with a very heavy heart that I share with you all that we lost our beloved furbaby Hemi in mid-July.  He passed away at home with me and Mr. BMM giving him lots of hugs, kisses, and ear scratches.  Hemi gave us so many happy memories over the last 8+ years. 

His passing was a complete shock since he received a clean bill of health from his doctor only 10 days prior.  It’s been hard on both of us.  Despite all of our pain, we were able to donate enough dog food to feed our local shelter for a couple of days as well as provide other furbabies with medicine, treats, and toys. 

Mr. BMM and I are trying to plan a monthly road trip to give us a fun experience and to help heal our broken hearts. 

Instagram Update:  In the beginning of the month, I made the ultimate decision to quit Instagram.  While I enjoyed interacting with others.  I felt pressured to post regularly and interact with lots of people.  The reality is that I’m an introvert.  I need my quiet time to rest and recovery from being in an office with people all day.  Instagram felt like an extension of the office. 

In addition to those pressures, I felt the Instagram vs. My Reality comparison starting.  Was I minimalist enough?  Was I minimal-ing correctly?  Life is hard enough.  I didn’t need the added stress of Instagram.  Plus I found that I mindlessly scrolled through what Instagram thought I should see.  Instagram wasn’t a huge source of blog referrals for me.  So really, why was a burning myself out by trying to Instagram? 

No Shopping Update:  Honestly the no shopping challenge/ban/thing is going very well as I passed the midway point of my third no shopping year.  It’s making me rethink purchases.  Picking up random things at the store is still a very strong habit but I rarely, if ever, walk out with extra items. 

  • Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and Better than Before books – Purchased these books to help with my grieving as these books were instrumental in helping improve my mental health years ago.  I originally KonMari’d these books. 
  • Boston Fern Plant – I love to repurpose items.  Rather than donating Hemi’s food bowl, I planted a beautiful Boston Fern in the bowl to keep on my home office desk.  It’s a beautiful reminder of how Hemi provided constant company during my work from home days especially during the 2020 global pandemic. 

Speaking of Mental Health:  I started therapy the week we lost Hemi.  I have never lost someone I loved to suddenly in my life.  I was in shock.  I started to question every single life goal and plan.  Did I want to remain on my no-spend year?  Was financial independence still important?  Did I care if I went into extreme levels of debt?  Was minimalism still my thing or should I start becoming a hoarder?  Did I want to continue this blog? Should I just walk out of my job?

I was very concerned about depression and anxiety getting the best of me.  I was fearful that I was questioning everything that I previously found to be very important.  My love for Mr. BMM was the only thing I didn’t question.  But everything else was being questioned.  I remember crying in Mr. BMM’s arms asking him if these things should still matter.  He lovingly said that our previous goals were still important.  He acknowledged that losing Hemi was going to be hard but that we would get through it. 

Mr. BMM is very smart.  Seven days after Hemi passed, I finally had my first day without tears.  I have been able to talk about Hemi without breaking down.  I guess it does get easier.  I still miss Hemi.  When I’m home alone, I talk to him like. 

I’m still concerned about my mental health once winter comes when the nights are longer, Mr. BMM occasionally works the night shift, and I’m home alone.  My mental health is the most vulnerable during those times.  Starting therapy now should certainly help me. 

What’s Coming Up on the Beautiful Minimal Millennial? I have a month worth of posts ready. A new post will be published every Monday and Wednesday morning. I have some book reviews, how we eliminated all vehicle payments, financial updates, and more. Keep checking back!

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