How Minimalism Has Helped me Communicate

Three years ago I officially kicked off my personal KonMari tidying event.  It started as a triple-dog-dare to myself.  Before I walked into my local library I said to myself, “If the Marie Kondo books are available, this is the weekend to read and declutter.”  Low and behold, guess what I found?  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up AND Spark Joy by Marie Kondo just sitting on the shelves waiting for me to borrow them. 

minimalist photography of three crank phones

I think Mr. BMM was going to be working that night and possibly a lot that weekend.  Maybe that’s why I gave myself the ultimate dare.  I really don’t know where the dare came from.  Maybe my dear sweet guardian angel put the thought in my mind.  Oh, my dear sweet guardian angel. 

After I did my personal KonMari, the mental garbage, clutter, and crap started to bubble up for me.  I was able to more objectively address each issue.  This isn’t to say I got it right 100% of the time from the start.  I’m here to say that minimalism was kick-started by KonMari and it has improved my communication skills exponentially. 

Before KonMari, like clutter, my emotions, needs, wants, and desires stayed bottled up.  They would stay bottled up until it exploded.  Mr. BMM would kindly remind me to let him know about the little things that were going wrong or causing issues rather than storing them up.   He would get all of the bottled-up garbage.  I never knew how to communicate these emotions or issues or concerns. 

Decluttering the physical stuff made way for me to figure out, as an adult, how to communicate.  It’s something that I have been noticing and really giving myself a gold star each time I do a good job.  Things still annoy me.  That’s never going to stop.  Rather than reacting immediately, I’m thinking to myself “does this REALLY matter?” or “Will this actually help me achieve my goal?” or “Am I going to care about this next week?”  If it does matter, affect my goal, or will be something I think about next week, I take a little bit of time to gather my thoughts and communicate.  If it doesn’t, I probably roll my eyes and move on. 

This whole declutter/minimalism thing helped reduce the stuff clutter, the mental clutter, and helps me stay focused on what really matters in life.  Life isn’t always perfect.  But I have to say I’m living closer to my “fantasy of life” than ever before.  Cheers to MINIMALISM!!!

Minimalists are *FILL IN THE BLANK* – Are you Sure?

The beautiful author of Mind. Beauty. Simplicity wrote The 10 Misconceptions of Being A Minimalist last week.  I love that she wrote about this topic.  Oftentimes people spend a little bit of time observing me, noticing that I only wear black dresses to work, and rarely, if ever, talk about any shopping besides grocery shopping.  … Continue reading Minimalists are *FILL IN THE BLANK* – Are you Sure?



2 thoughts on “How Minimalism Has Helped me Communicate

  1. Love that question – will it help me achieve my goal? I’ve used this a lot when trying to figure out whether it’s worth fighting a battle over something. And it usually takes sleeping on it before you know the answer!

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