Signaling Change to the Universe

In 2015 I left public accounting to work locally in a hospital’s finance department. Public accounting was more fun than I expected it to be. The recruiters during college made public accounting out to sound awful. They tried to bribe me with bagels to come work for their company. Nice try. I wasn’t working a 6th day for a bagel. I entered the workforce as an internal auditor for a hospital instead. After doing the 2 hour round trip commute plus ongoing road construction for a couple of years, I finally gave public accounting a shot.

I came to love public accounting. Mostly because I got to do what I loved (internal audit) for several companies and I never got bored. Looking back, the people I worked with in public accounting were my favorite. The entrepreneurial spirit was contagious and infectious. Each person brought great ideas to team meetings. Some ideas the team quickly adopted and other ideas we simply built off of. Nobody ever said, “this is the way we always do this.” EVER. LIKE NEVER EVER!!!

Decisions were made. No matter how tough or complicated the situation was, we always made decisions. It was easy to make decisions. Like most public accounting companies, we were for profit. Delaying decisions kind of equated to delaying revenue. We always had our client’s best interest in mind. The reality was that if our clients did well, we did well. It was mutually beneficial for all of us to do our best.

person holding compass facing towards green pine trees

My struggle with public accounting started when I couldn’t remember where I was to respond to a friend’s question. I literally had to ask the grocery store clerk what city and state I was in. I barely slept in hotels. I gained a whole lot of weight. I found out about my food allergies during this time too. Despite my love for the work, I had to leave public accounting for my mental and physical health.

Today I have to admit that I’m considering a return to public accounting. My return will likely be in a different capacity with more remote work, less overnight travel, and more time to keep my healthy routines. I’m struggling at my current company to say the very least. Decisions are not made. There is no entrepreneurial spirit. Heck, it feels more soul-sucking than anything. If I do A, I later find out I should have done B. If I go back and do B, it should have been C (didn’t I know this???). Communication is lacking. People don’t respect each other yet leadership acts like they should be respected. I disagree. I respect the role. Respecting the person is different. I have a list of colleagues that have left or are looking to leave. It’s a smaller business by the way. If my whole list leaves, I am doubtful that the business will continue.

Week 1 Digital Minimalism/ Prince Inspired Challenge for June 2021 Update

Giving Myself Permission

After reading the Secret, it confirmed to me that my thoughts are very powerful. I knew that they were powerful but I just didn’t completely realize how powerful they really were. Right now I’m trying to shake my fearful “I’m not good enough,” “I’m an imposter,” “I don’t know anything,” and “I’m a terrible human from my mind thoughts.” I’ll be honest, my boss reminds me of my biological mother. Lots of gaslighting and a whole lot of narcissism. I broke down in tears Friday night. Like full snot, sobbing on our back porch as I was trying to take our pup to the bathroom. Our pup kindly put his paw on my shoulder, which then caused me to cry even harder because why can’t humans be as kind as my dog?

I’m so broken right now that I can’t figure out how much rice needs to be cooked for my husband’s dinners. I still had an extra grocery store run this past weekend. But crying Friday night might have been just what I needed. I woke up Saturday ready to take on the world, applied to as many jobs as possible, asked friends to help me out, and most of all, I BOUGHT A NEW TO ME DESK AND CHAIR!!! When I left public accounting in 2015, I sold my desk. It wasn’t fancy, well made, or that awesome. See I’m 5′ 3″ so most desks are too tall. My feet don’t touch, I can’t ever find a chair high enough so that my elbows never rest in the proper ergonomic position, and my back is always sore after I work.

I’ve been on a hunt for a new desk and chair for 6 years!!! Yes, that’s right it took me 6 years to find the perfect desk. I wanted it to be made from real wood and allow me to sit in a proper ergonomic position. Honestly, I have never had a desk and chair at home or at work that fit me. EVER! Saturday I decided to take an impromptu trip to the library, drove around a very old cemetery that I have never been to but wanted to check out the history, confirmed that the local gas station/ convenience store allowed customers to use their restrooms (needed this information for post-runs), and then I went to my local antique store.

I know. I know. I’m on my third no spend year in a row. The desk and chair were not on my approved shopping list. But when I sat down at this desk and chair and I actually FIT, I broke the no spend rule. Don’t forget that I have been looking for this desk and chair for 6 years. I figured it was ok to break the rule. I debated a little bit if I could use a kitchen chair for this desk. But I ultimately decided that since I fit in this desk/chair combination, I would buy it.

And I got a little financially savvy at the store. I noticed several of the vendors offering discounts. So I walked up to the lady behind the counter and asked if she knew if this one vendor offered any discounts. Figured what could really go wrong. NOTHING. The worst that could happen is that the lady would have said no discount. To my surprise, the store offered me a 10% discount because it was a new vendor and they know that having a quick first sale helps new vendors.

Well, well well. I guess everything really is negotiable. Now I have never done this before in my life. Even in foreign countries where I’m told that negotiating is the way things work. I still never negotiate. I guess negotiating the price of my desk brings me to the point of this article. First, I’m ready for a full-time remote job with an awesome company. I have the proper space to make being at a full-time remote job successful. Second, if I can negotiate 10% off my desk then I can negotiate a salary and compensation package that will allow me to achieve financial independence sooner.

THAT’S RIGHT UNIVERSE! I’m ready to negotiate a full-time remote job with a company that values the entrepreneurial, can-do, let’s get this done spirit at a salary that allows me to achieve financial independence sooner!

several pineapples at a party

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