Enacting the Toddler Rule

After the crazy four trips to the grocery store in a single weekend happened this month, I decided that I needed to simplify and map out what was essential to complete each and every day.  Gone are the YOLO days.  You only live once is bullshit.  YOLO creates too much anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights for me.  When I YOLO too much, the important things do not happen.  The important things like drinking enough water first thing in the morning or having my nightly tea or getting what we actually need from the grocery store the first time. 

selective photo of kid holding candies on gray wooden pallet board

I find that I need to plan for the essential tasks in my life. Without that schedule, checklist, and to-do list, those essential tasks don’t always happen. This past week I decided to enact the Toddler Rule. What’s the Toddler Rule you may ask? It’s actually quite simple. Think about how you act/behave when working with, raising, or babysitting toddlers, adults develop routines for said toddlers. For example, once a toddler’s favorite TV show is over, then the toddler brushes their teeth. Bedtime is consistent each day. Meals are either preplanned or have two options. Toddlers have structure. And yet toddlers are happy, enjoy their free time, and have practically zero stress.

Toddler Rule = Treat Yourself Like a Toddler

As an adult, I can’t exactly live the blissful, zero stress life like a toddler.  But I can in fact implement many toddler strategies.  I go to bed between 8 and 9pm each night.  I wake up between 4:30 and 5:30am each day. 

  1. Write a morning To-Do List at night.  Each night I take a small, standard sticky note I write the necessary things each morning.  For example, today’s note had the following items to complete.
    1. Drink apple cider vinegar water.
    1. Do Yoga Download’s Fitness & Yoga:  Flow on the Go practice.
    1. Eat breakfast and pack lunch.
    1. Start dishwasher.
    1. Take pup for a walk or run 3 miles (side note, pup would not get out of bed despite being bribed with food).
    1. Be home by 7am to shower.
    1. Go to work.
  2. Nightly To-Do List.
    1. Prep protein shakes.
    1. Prep apple cider vinegar water.
    1. Layout gym clothes.
    1. Layout work clothes.
    1. Put away all clean dishes.
  3. On Sunday write up the schedule.
    1. Determine run days vs. gym days.  On run days, make a reminder to drink tea before bed.
    1. Determine when the mid-week laundry will get done.
    1. Review all other scheduled appointments for necessity.
    1. Determine which chores will be essential for the weekend.
    1. Identify days/tasks that need Mr. BMM help.  Communicate my needs to him. 
  4. On Wednesday, review food inventory against what’s needed for the week.  Update grocery pick up order. 

Outside of my to-do lists, I have time for puppy snuggles, family walks, reading a book, catching up with friends, and other things that bring me joy. 

My lists seem long but I literally need a reminder to run the dishwasher each morning.  If I don’t, we end up with a sink full of dishes when neither of us has the extra time to deal with a sink full of dishes.  I only wear black dresses as part of my capsule wardrobe and iron all dresses each weekend.  Laying out those clothes requires that hang my undergarments on the hanger and pick out a pair of shoes.  Some of these tasks a fairly mindless.  But when they don’t happen my mind becomes a bit of an anxious mess. 

Maybe this digital detox was absolutely necessary.  No, not maybe.  It was absolutely necessary.  This digital detox is helping me reset and get back to being me. 

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2 thoughts on “Enacting the Toddler Rule

  1. This is a great reminder of the value of being organized. Making a list of things to do every day does 2 things – it reminds you to do them, but it also gives you a feeling of accomplishment knowing you did those things, even if none of the “big stuff” you needed to do (usually at work) didn’t get done.

    Since the pandemic, I limit my grocery trips to about once every 10 days. Before the pandemic, I would pop over to the grocery store several times a week. And I would never just get the one or two items I went for. My credit card is happy to have a rest.

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