Slowly Deleting My Digital Life

I found a new podcast and its binge worthy.  This past weekend I listened to the “Downsizing Your Digital Life with Corbett Barr” episode.  I was folding laundry and listening.  This episode really got me thinking.  Do I need all of those Instagram posts to live eternally on the internet?  Why does it feel normal for digital stuff to live eternally but yet we discard physical things?  Does anyone still have a copy of their 3rd grade spelling test from the first week of school?  The host Jason Moore and Corbett Barr had a very good discussion surrounding the topic of our digital lives. 

selective focus photo of black and white delete, enter, power button, and F12 computer keys

After I put away all of the laundry, I sat quietly on the couch with Mr. BMM and started deleting.  I deleted over 300 posts in less than 10 minutes.  As I kept deleted, I only felt weight lifting.  No regret.  No torment.  Just relief.  I simply do not think I’m the type of person that lives on social media.  Is it an introvert thing?   Maybe.  Is it the creep factor that people know what I have been up to prior to us sitting down for tea making the catch up kind of pointless?  Yes!

Now I’m wondering if I want to keep all 385 Beautiful Minimal Millennial posts on the internet.  I might just archive them and make them private.  Maybe just delete them.  What’s the sense in living in the past?  I released my past out into the Universe with my An Honest Letter Why I Don’t Celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day .  I feel better since I released it all.  There is this odd but enjoyable sense of peace and calm in my life now. 

person using silver iPhone 6

About 4 years ago I deleted Facebook completely.  I regret nothing.  I enjoy living my life outside the fishbowl called social media.  I tried to create a new Facebook account for the Beautiful Minimal Millennial to help increase traffic to this site.  I had a slight panic attack in simply going through the process.  I deleted the new account very quickly.  I look at Mr. BMM who has never had a social media presence.  He seems calm and present. 

Getting back to this blog, I might start deleting those old posts.  The main point behind the Beautiful Minimal Millennial is to declutter the stuff I no longer enjoy or need, pay off debt, work towards financial independence and read some awesome books along the way.  That’s really what the Beautiful Minimal Millennial is all about in one single sentence. New readers don’t go back and binge all of the old articles.  They read the more recent ones.  It’s cool.  I wouldn’t go back and binge all of the old articles either. 

Would you delete all of your old social media and blog posts?  Ahhh who am I kidding, by the time you read this post all of my old stuff will be privately archived or simply deleted.  I know the progress that I have made and that’s the most important part to me.  I have grown and become more of the person that I always wanted to be.  No sense in looking back to the past.  This is usually the way things work.  I stew over an idea, speak that idea out into the Universe as if I’m waiting for someone to agree/disagree, and then I just take action.  I don’t usually wait for someone to agree or disagree when it’s something that will benefit my mental and/or physical health.



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