Week 1 Digital Minimalism/ Prince Inspired Challenge for June 2021 Update

Week 1 – Delete all apps beside phone, messenger, maps, podcast, camera, grocery pick up, notes, reminders, and fitness related.   

  • Email can be checked on a computer.  I can borrow books through a website on the computer.  I can check bank and investment accounts on the computer.  Basically anything I can do on a computer, will be done on a computer.   I can come up with a million exceptions and reasons why I should veer away from the “anything I can do on a computer, will be done on a computer” but that really defeats the purpose of this challenge. 

Week 2 – 4 – Deal with all of the mental and physical stuff that comes along with Week 1.  I’m going to have a lot of known and unknown habits to break.  No more scrolling through Instagram on the toilet.  Don’t even shake your head.  We all do it! 

Where do I begin?  At first I thought I could simply move the “not approved for use” apps to a second screen and I would be fine.  Results are in.  THAT’S A COMPLETE LIE!  I was tempted, made excuses, and tried but it didn’t work most days. 

Sunday afternoon became the “rip the band aid off” moment.  I started deleting apps.  I signed out of the BMM Instagram account leaving only our furbaby’s Instagram open.  (Mr. BMM is trying to grow his YouTube channel and Instagram is helping that happen).  I deleted just about every app that wasn’t approved at the start of this challenge with exception of LinkedIn.  Let me explain.  I’m actively looking for a new job.  I regret taking my new job.  I have regretted it since week 6 and literally cannot remember what if feels like to sleep a full week.  I have been there for 7 months.  Because of my active search for a new job, I spend my “restroom breaks” scrolling through jobs on LinkedIn.  No shame here.  I apply to about 5-10 jobs each day from my work restroom.  While it’s an excuse to keep LinkedIn, I felt that it was important to achieve my goals as I previously wrote about. 

Once I did the “THING” I started to relax.  Felt calmer.  Amazing how that happens. 

Another thing I realized this weekend is that I really needed a digital declutter and phone reset.  Despite my nearly 24 hours on my phone a week, I screwed up the curbside grocery pick-up two weeks in a row.  This past weekend alone I tacked on two additional grocery trips because of necessary things that I forgot.  It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened but it was annoying that it did happen.  It also put a spotlight on my current mental space.

brown concrete building during daytime

I’ve been scattered and pulled in so many directions.  Four weeks ago Mr. BMM needed emergency medical care plus countless follow-up appointments.  That took, as it should have, some serious mental space and energy.  He’s on the mend currently.  I am also applying to jobs, taking recruiter phone calls, and setting up interviews.  Again more mental space and energy.  A lot of mental energy has been expelled with my phone sucked up all the remaining energy.  And for what??? My phone sucks up a lot of mental energy for very little in return.  If I converted this mental energy into a stock, it would be tanking or slowly on the declining stock.  I wouldn’t buy it. 

After I deleted those apps, I got to some tried and tested self-care.  I colored my hair, waxed my eyebrows, and did my nails all at home.  When I give myself an at home spa day I feel 100 times better.  Then I spent about an hour on the porch reading Effortless by Greg McKeown.  I swear the Universe knows what I need and delivers each time.  This book is helping me step back from the rat race.  I don’t believe we should ever need permission to care for ourselves but this book gives that permission.  Sometimes I just need permission to care for myself.  Or maybe it’s a reminder.  Either way, I need to be reading this book. 

Other times I just need to treat myself like a toddler.  Sunday after I did my spa day, I spent time writing every single to do item into my calendar and crossed some of those items off my list.  Then I wrote a step by step Monday morning routine.  Why?  Because there is no way I can get all of the things done.  And some “essential” task always finds its way to my to do list.  Quite frankly not all of the things are essential.  I am currently reading the last of my remaining borrowed physical library books before I switch over to digital. 

I’m writing this article as I start week 2 of my Digital Minimalism/ Prince Inspired Challenge and I already feel and notice the difference.  I woke up a little earlier for a run this morning.  I managed to fit in a 4 mile hill run before work and if feels marvelous. 

Have you ever doing a digital declutter?  What happened?  How did you feel?  Would you do it again???

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