Week 4 – Reduce Waste May 2021 Challenge: Wrap Up

Like with most things you see on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, there is the reality vs. the internet.  At the start of this month I had these lofty goals of reducing our waste and edging closer and closer to zero waste.  My fantasy-self thought we could go the whole month without putting out garbage and that everything we recycled was in fact recyclable.  

The reality is that life got complicated this month.  Mr. BMM has had more tests in the last couple of weeks than ever before.  He has some unusual pain that hopefully during next week’s round of doctors’ appointments they can reveal a diagnosis and treatment plan.  It’s been three weeks today since he first sought treatment for this pain.  I’m frustrated for him.  Most of my time and attention went to helping him manage his appointments and keep things in order at home.  

With that said, I tried to reduce waste as best as possible this month. I refused every plastic bag I could. I posted multiple times on Instagram for Walmart to give me the option to opt out of plastic bags. Sadly, that hasn’t received much traction. Walmart continues to place a single lemon in its own plastic bag. I’m going to keep trying though.

I also realized that most of what we recycle isn’t accepted through our town’s recycling program. I’m frustrated. There are two sets of rules for recycling. One on the internet and one at the physical recycling center. Needless to say I never got to the physical recycling center to review those rules again.

Coming back to the Instagram vs. reality of low waste or zero waste, I am finding myself drawing away from Instagram more and more each day.  I think my March challenge showed me what I already knew.  Social media is not good for me.  I waste time scrolling.  I’m reading less books.  My anxiety is up.  I feel more and more on edge.  And for what reason?  Because I kept scrolling!

Right now, I don’t see the BMM household achieving zero waste so the zero waste Instagram comparison is not helping me.  I did get Mr. BMM to start using mason jars to take snacks to work.  I still can’t buy all of our food in bulk and in my own containersin our area.  Mr. BMM and I have removed so many non-joy sparking items that we watch HGTV shows and yell “if you decluttered you wouldn’t need a larger home!”  It’s safe to say that we aren’t shopping for more things.

This challenge was certainly more mental than physical. Feeling the sense of failure in not achieving zero waste sucked. Giving up sugar was much easier in April. I’m still pondering my June challenge. I’m thinking about bringing Prince into my challenge.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Reduce Waste May 2021 Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. You are not a failure. The fact that you tried, really tried, makes you a winner in my book. There’s a quote I’ve shared on my blog more than once. It’s from Anne-Marie Bonneau, the zero-waste chef. She says “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” If everyone made the effort you’re making, we’d be in a very different place.

    It is frustrating, but you need to feel good about what you have done, while continuing to push for change.

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