Procrastination Clutter is the WORST

Have you ever wanted to declutter but felt overwhelmed?  Didn’t know where to begin?  Can’t remember when that pile of magazines started?   If that sounds a little bit like your space, then you might be suffering from procrastination clutter.  Procrastination clutter is a mix of putting something off intentionally or habitually and clutter. 

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It is very easy to keep putting something off.  You may say to yourself that tomorrow will be the day you look though all of those magazines.  But tomorrow just never comes.  Then you start to feel stressed or possibly anxious at seeing that pile of magazines that haven’t been dealt with all of those past tomorrows.  Sometimes we say that we need 5 hours to deal with the pile but only have 5 minutes.  We let perfect be the enemy of done.  Somehow we convince ourselves that 5 minutes of decluttering is useless. 

On the other side of clutter, there is the hidden clutter that we feel but don’t see on a regular basis.  How many of us are guilty of finding something that we haven’t used in months or years and think “I should keep this because I might need it.”   We simply delay the decision to declutter to tomorrow.  And another tomorrow.  And another tomorrow. 

black flat screen computer monitor on brown wooden table
  1. Decide on a dollar limit.  If you decluttered an extra spatula and found that you needed that extra spatula, is a new spatula in your budget?  For the BMM household, we unofficially say that if something is worth less than $10 and we could easily get, we will declutter that item without a second thought.  Some things that we have easily decluttered are kitchen gadgets.  If we really, really needed an apple slicer we could afford to buy one at the store.  The reality is that we don’t use that single use apple slicer enough and a knife is a perfect replacement.  Yet Mr. BMM is still holding onto the toaster oven because he isn’t quite convinced that we don’t need it.  Side note:  We haven’t used that toaster oven in over a year. 
  2. Eliminate broke and old items.  We all have those high aspirations that we will actually fix that kitchen gadget and it will work perfectly.  Think Instagram vs. Reality.  The reality is that the broken kitchen gadget is simply taking up space and won’t ever get fixed.   We also assume that in 10 years those pants are either going to be worth a lot of money or will come back into style.  Neither will probably happen. 
  3. Spend 10 minutes decluttering.  If you have a whole weekend, by all means jump feet first into your own KonMari Tidying Event.  Again, what’s your reality?  Can you set aside 10 minutes every day or every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, set a timer, and declutter one drawer or go through a section of your closet to find clothes to donate? If you look at your schedule that may mean swapping your Instagram scroll for decluttering. 

I’m in the process of developing a brand new A to Z declutter course. For 26 days straight I will send you an email with a couple suggestions of items to declutter from your space. Fill out the form below if you want to be one of the first to know when the A to Z declutter course becomes available.

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