Would This Fit Into a Tiny Home?

A couple years ago I did my KonMari tidying event on a self-imposed dare.  See before I walked into my local library I said to myself if the Marie Kondo book was on the shelf then I would read it and do my own KonMari tidying event.   This was sort of the triple dog dare Christmas Story level kind of dare.  I walked into the library and found the Life Changing Magic of Tidying of Tidying Up and Spark Joy right next to each other on the library shelf.

I devoured both books that same weekend.  AND I started my tidying event.  Clothes were relatively easy for me.  As long as I kept all of my favorites, I was fine letting go of the rest.  And keeping my favorites was the whole point of the KonMari method.  I asked myself “does this spark joy?” over and over again that weekend.  Letting go of previously read or never going to actually read books was another easy task for me.  I have never been that person to treasure material things.  I didn’t have “the things” growing up to treasure. 

Flash forward almost three years and I still love decluttering things that no longer spark joy.  My current favorite decluttering method is to fill up a box, post my address on Craigslist, and wait for someone to pick up my box of treasures to them.  Mr. BMM has gotten on this same method like our pup on a piece of pizza.  Our pup is all over the pizza. 

brown wooden house

The question that I ask myself when faced with keep or toss has changed.  Mr. BMM and I are having serious let’s retire early and move into a one bedroom small home where we no longer need to shovel snow talks.  Now the question that I ask is “do I want to move this?” or “will this move into our tiny home?”  Things may spark joy and serve a purpose but do I really want to pack this up and move it anywhere besides to the curbs?  I have a mental list in my mind on what will absolutely go, what I will try to take, and what’s great now but going to the curb later. 

The whole tiny home on wheels versus a small home are still up for debate.  Mr. BMM is leaning towards a small sticks and bricks home and I’m saying let’s throw caution in the wind and see where we really want to live by living in a tiny home on wheels first.  At least we both agree with moving where there is no such thing as snow.  

What question do you ask yourself when you are decluttering?  I’m curious what you say.  Comment below please.

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7 thoughts on “Would This Fit Into a Tiny Home?

  1. I don’t find it very difficult to declutter. I would much rather get rid of things I don’t use than keep them around taking up space, or even worse, making me do more cleaning hahaha. When I am decluttering things like clothes I am honest with myself about whether I have actually worn the item of clothing, do I like it and why do I have it. If I haven’t worn it or it serves no purpose, out it goes.

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