Week 3 – Reduce Waste May 2021 Challenge: Well That Just Happened

Last week I wrote about my frustrations with the whole recycling process.  Things that I thought were recyclable are not in my town.  My town has two different lists of what is recyclable.  One online and one at the recycling drop off center.  Next, I’m tired of companies’ greenwashing marketing scams.  They are placing the plastic burden on me with requiring that I package up their stuff and mail to some far away location to be recycled through teracycle.  Next, I have posted a couple of times on Instagram that I just want the option to go plastic bagless with Walmart’s curbside grocery pick up.  But that doesn’t seem to be getting much traction.  

My frustration continues.  Honestly, this reduce plastic and reduce waste is frustrating.  Humans have made this process so complex that it’s hard to break away from plastic and waste.  I swear someone gets a bonus each time they make a process more complex.  Uggg.  

I can’t fix the above problems within the whole process, so I took a small manageable step. I needed to stop for some produce at a local grocery store on my way to work. I refused all of those little produce bags. Yep! I gently placed 8 zucchinis on the grocery store checkout conveyor belt with a smile on my face along with 2 tomatoes, 1 lemon, and 2 apples. ALL BAGLESS! I brought in enough reusable bags so I was able to avoid more plastic bags. My potatoes and heads of lettuce were already wrapped in plastic. I didn’t have much of an option. But overall I managed to avoid unnecessary/excess plastic. I WIN!

Then when I looked at our garbage before garbage day, I realized that we really didn’t need to put out a garbage bag this week.   We barely filled half a kitchen garbage bag in a week.  Impressive.  Are we at zero waste?  Absolutely not.  Are we making micro improvements?  YES!!!  Since I went bagless and reduced our garbage this week, I’m going to count week 3 as a WIN.  

Any tips or tricks you use to cut back on waste? Please comment below or send them to BMMBlog@outlook.com.

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Reduce Waste May 2021 Challenge: Well That Just Happened

  1. costco will place your items in a box or boxes if you ask. they dont have bags and never have as far as i know. why cant grocery stores and even walmart do the same? the boxes could then be placed in your recycle bin. i remember when there were thin paper bags in the produce area to place your items in. at least the bags could be in the recycle bin. the problem with plastic is there are so many different types of plastic and only a few are recyclable.

    good job on your decreasing waste!

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  2. It sounds like you’re making great progress Bonnie! I avoid plastic bags for produce as well. I have reusable mesh bags for smaller items, and large items I just buy unwrapped.

    Small changes really make a difference. Our region only collects garbage once every two weeks, but they pick up recycling and green bin every week. Our family fills only one bag of garbage every 2 weeks. We put our recycling out every week, but lately, there hasn’t been much in the bin some weeks. When I walk around the neighbourhood and see 3 or 4 bags of garbage and heaping recycling bins outside some houses, I really wonder what these people are doing.

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