Tupperware Parties are Coming Back! – My Frugal Ways Avoided the Party

Yesterday I eavesdropped on my coworkers talking about a virtual Tupperware party going on.  Honestly I thought Tupperware was from my childhood and it wasn’t a thing anymore.  It was all of that burnt orange, yellow, and green from maybe a 1970s Tupperware party that I grew up using.  Anyone else remember these?  My Mammy (aka Grandmother) had a kitchen full of these colors.  It brings a smile to my face just looking at those bowls and thinking of my Mammy.  She loved using them. 

My Nanny (aka other Grandmother) didn’t have Tupperware.  She was frugal to the core.  She loved to reuse containers she got from jelly or cool-whip.  I actually don’t think she ever had Tupperware.  Nope.  She delivered homemade applesauce in re-used Jiff peanut butter containers.  Those containers were her signature.  Growing up I never thought that it was odd.  I can’t remember seeing Tupperware in her kitchen.  Sure her kitchen was a shade of that green but she didn’t have the matching Tupperware. 

Back to my coworkers.  They were all comparing their orders, what they needed, and some things they may want to get in the future.  I get the high of shopping.  It’s fun to get new shiny things.  It just is.  But then I take a step back and wonder, is this stuff really needed?  Tupperware currently offers over 10 non-knife slicers and dicers of food.  If I peeked into my coworker’s kitchen cabinets how many of those practically single use items do they already have? 

Do professional chefs use all of these gadgets?  I doubt that their professional or at home kitchens use 10 different non-knife slicers or dicers.  They don’t have space for them.  Their kitchens are more likely to creep over to the minimalist side.  Everything has its place and a place for everything.  I am certainly not a professional chef but I enjoy cooking in our minimalist kitchen.  Mr. BMM and I both know where everything belongs.  We can quickly locate something we need very quickly. 

Besides the clutter and expense, I look at Tupperware as just more plastic.  How much of that do we really need in our lives?  I am currently waiting for our current plastic meal prep containers to kick the bucket and break so that I can replace the plastic with glass containers.  I’m looking at some wide mouth mason jars.  If the lid or band starts to break or lose its sealing ability, they are easily replaced/recycled. 

Metal bottomed containers won’t work because we pop our food right into the microwave.  Nobody wants to see the Fourth of July in the microwave.  Silicone bags that I have seen are hard to clean.  Have you found any good plastic substitutes for meal prepping?

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3 thoughts on “Tupperware Parties are Coming Back! – My Frugal Ways Avoided the Party

  1. The good thing about Tupperware is, if looked after properly, it lasts forever. I’m not opposed to durable plastic goods. It’s the single-use plastic we need to get rid of.

    I totally agree on the kitchen gadgets. In my recent kitchen decluttering, I got rid of a ton of single-use gadgets. When I was invited to a virtual Pampered Chef party recently, I really had to think about that. I didn’t attend.

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