Easy Low/Zero Waste Household Switches

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It’s May!  It’s my Reduce the BMM Household Waste Challenge month.  After completing my recycling bin audit, I’m am shocked at the number of things that we thought we could recycle that we can’t actually recycle.  Honestly.  I’m feeling a little bit of eco shame for not doing better.  Rather than going down the shame spiral, I’m going to highlight some of the things that we have done really well to support a lower or zero waste goal. 

  1. Eliminated pads and tampons.  I switched to a period cup about three years ago and I haven’t looked back.  I love that the period cup can last a full workday without needing attention, it works no matter the flow, and it’s easy to clean and reuse. 
  2. Adios plastic wrap.  It’s been over a year since we had plastic wrap in the BMM household.  I guess the out of sight, out of mind concept works really well with plastic wrap.  We use plates as bowl covers whenever needed and have a variety of storage options. 
  3. Disposable plates and cutlery no more.  With a quick trip to the local thrift or antique store, I have been able to find tin plates that wash up perfectly in the dishwasher and work great when I host dinner at Mr. BMM’s work.  His coworkers all know and have grown to expect real plates and cutlery.  Mr. BMM knows that I’m cheap tree hugger.  It’s our little secret.
  4. Bye bye plastic straws.  I have two metal straws in my bag at all times for when we go out for dinner.  This is a recent thing and Mr. BMM doesn’t know about them yet.  I’m going to offer the metal straws but it’s all his choice to use plastic or metal. 
  5. Fast fashion no more.  I LOVE Old Navy dresses.  They fit me perfectly.  BUT I shop for them at thrift stores.  I rarely get the latest fashion trend but its ok for me.  Is buying fast fashion via a thrift store the absolute best thing, maybe not.  But it does keep it out of landfills and gives it a second life. 

What is your most favorite eco-friendly, low waste, or zero waste switch?  I would love to explore more options.  Comment below please!

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7 thoughts on “Easy Low/Zero Waste Household Switches

  1. These are all excellent swaps Bonnie. My personal favourite zero-waste swap has been switching from bottles of soap, shampoo, body wash and conditioner to bars. I have found unwrapped zero-waste bar options that I love. They reduce waste, save me money, and they travel well. Not that travelling well has been an issue in 2020 and 2021 but I live in hope!

    Thanks for spreading this message!

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  2. there are many items we in the usa can and should be recycling but dont and it is because it is mostly due to $$$. recycling centers have closed because they have way too much and companies wont buy it. there are other factors also, but im sure you know about them or can look them up yourself.

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  3. My MIL bought us silicone straws that came with carry cases and scrub brushes a couple years back. I thought they were a bit silly but now I LOVE them. Def prefer to the metal kind and the big bonus is my 1-year-old can use them too!

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