What A Year It Has Been!!!

There was a run on toilet paper.  Why?  Anyone else still wondering how that all started and why that became a thing?  Maybe I wasn’t too concerned because I always keep a brand new package as back up.  I’m never without that full brand new package.  Maybe I handle toilet paper like I handle my financial emergency fund.  I have a minimum amount of rolls of toilet paper that I keep on hand.  Just as I have a $3,000 emergency fund while I am paying off student loan debt. 

It’s been quite the year. Wouldn’t you agree? There has been a run on toilet paper, jobs moved to be virtual within days, and our lives have been forever changed.

white and black polka dot tissue paper

Neither my minimum amount of rolls of toilet paper nor my $3,000 emergency fund is enough to retire and never buy another roll of toilet paper or make another dollar.  But it’s just enough to make me feel safe and ward off Murphy.  Murphy is the guy or law that says anything that could go wrong will go wrong.

Moving jobs virtually within days shows me that change can happen and we can succeed at making changes.  Change is a whole lot of scary.  Most of the time we get in our own way of change.  We think about all of the reasons why something won’t work.  Why something just cannot happen that quickly.  What else could go wrong?  Just like having that brand new package of toilet paper or a small emergency fund helps ward of Murphy, it’s ok to think about what could go wrong.  It helps you prepare and make more informed decisions rather than only looking at the glass half full. 

Do you really need to spend that much time on the doom and gloom? Probably not. For centuries humans have focused on what could go wrong. It was very beneficial when the chances of us being eating by a lion, tiger, or bear was actually a thing. Living in first world suburbia, it’s probably like a 0.0005% chance of you being eaten alive by an animal. Yet we continue to live our lives focused on what could go wrong.

This past year certainly hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for everyone.  But I’m going to take some time today to be thankful for the good things that have happened over this past year. 

black and gold box on white textile
  1. People learned to wash their hands. Adults and teenagers alike all relearned how to wash their hands. Bravo! Maybe now I will stop hearing people flush and walk right out the door. Kind of gross to think back on how dirty we once were.
  2. People don’t give the dirty look if you say you are sick and cannot come into the office. The sick day shame has subsided. Tell someone that you don’t feel well and they are thrilled when you announce that via phone rather than standing a couple feet away from them in the office. Sick and need to work from home. Please do!
  3. People got outside to exercise. Mother Nature has some amazing ways of helping us exercise with walking, running, riding a bike, or simply doing pushups in the park. More people took to enjoying Mother Nature.
  4. People stopped invading my personal space. Finally. I don’t want to be so close that I could count your nose hairs. I just don’t. This whole stay 6 feet away is what us introverts say is close enough. Yoga class is far more enjoyable without my mat being 3 inches away from the mad sweater. Gross.
  5. There are less in person meetings. We can all agree that most meetings are a complete waste of time because nothing gets accomplished. Why make me get up from my desk? Finally the remote meeting option is provided without the stink eye.
  6. My hair is now curly. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the 7 months of working from home where I refused to dry my hair that my hair all of a sudden got curly. I finally have the wash and let air dry beach hair that I always dreamed of!
  7. There is more space for peace. Less parties, less invitations, and less calendar time sucks. Maybe it’s just me. But I really hate scheduling more than 1 thing on my calendar over the weekend. Like 1 thing is my max. Ask me to schedule two things and I’m like a toddler in the grocery store who just found out there are no more Lucky Charms in this grocery store or the world for that matter. Ok maybe I’m not that bad. I really just don’t accept both invites actually. I like to have space to simply relax and be at home.
  8. I gave up some of the “should do’s.” I don’t go in person grocery shopping anymore. What a time suck that was for very little enjoyment. I love grocery pick up. Keeps me on budget, with foods and items that we need, and I spend a whole lot less time.
  9. I no longer wear makeup. I always hated make up. My biological mother and aunt told me that I would never date if I didn’t look pretty. I got married and my husband repeatedly tells me how beautiful I am and that I don’t need make up. After not wearing make up for 7 months straight, I finally started to believe him. Now I invest in a really good moisturizer and walk into the office with my head held high.
  10. We are all a little bit stronger. We did it! We are stronger despite our struggles. We are all stronger. We know what’s really important. We know how much stronger we are because we all did it! Bravo fellow badass!!!

What would you add to this list? 

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