April 2021 Challenge Update: Week 3 of No Sugar

I think the hardest part is over.  I don’t find myself looking for the sweetness of sugar at this point.  Sure I craved a little bit a chocolate but I was completely satisfied with some carrots.  Crazy!  Yes I know!  But I have not had any intense, give it to me now or else, moments. 

I gave up my last remaining sugar foods of honey and maple syrup three weeks ago after reading Eve O. Schaub’s Year of No Sugar.  Kind of life changing.  Here is what I am noticing this week:

white and pink rectangular shape
  • My body has shrunk.  My thighs muscles that have been historically larger are shrinking yet I am not losing strength in my muscles for running or lifting.  My legs are slimming down.  I will need new yoga pants for running this fall because my current ones will not stay up during a run. 
  • My overall weight has decreased 2 pounds.  I honestly can’t remember a time when I was around this weight without having terrible stomach problems.  Maybe around 20 years old?  I am now 38.
  • My belly fat is decreasing. I’m noticing that I have less and less belly fat.  I suspect that some of my belly fat is due to cortisol and stress but some of it is certainly there because of sugar.  Eliminating the sugar has helped.  Maybe I need to have a mindfulness/stress-less monthly challenge. 
  • My mind is clear-ish.  Stressful things are still bothering me but I don’t feel like I am in a sugar haze of any sort.  

I’m considering fully eliminating honey and maple syrup from our home. I need to discuss that move with Mr. BMM first. His body, his decisions. I won’t make those decisions for him just like I didn’t make decisions on what sparked joy during my personal KonMari tidying event with his things.

Even if Mr. BMM decides to keep those things in our home, it doesn’t mean that I need to consume them.  The results that I am physically and mentally seeing are enough to keep those foods out of my body, most likely permanently. 

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April 2021 Experiment Inspired by Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub



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