April 2021 Challenge Update:  Week 2 of No Sugar

Personally, I’m feeling great during my second week of no sugar.  My mornings are starting off with fresh water not honey infused water.  I’m consuming more water and my body is feeling better due to the increase in hydration.  My skin feels less dry and I don’t seem to be having any of those mild yet nagging headaches that periodically would creep into my days. 

yellow bee on honeycomb

I have lost 1.6 pounds over the last two weeks.  Interestingly, I increased my food consumption over the last two weeks.  I added in a handful of baby carrots each day and volume of food in my lunch has increased.  My exercise has remained fairly constant with 3 strength workouts and 3 runs.  There has been a slight variation in my strength workouts and effort in my running depending on the location.  These are two variations that have always been occurring.

Clearly honey and maple syrup stood in my way of me losing belly fat and some weight.  Honestly I am a little baffled that something made in nature without any added sugars could do what it did.  I have performed countless hours of internet research.  My research all points to honey and maple syrup being the same as cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup to our bodies.  It’s really mind blowing. 

I don’t even seem to miss honey or maple syrup.  I feel no draw or any emotions when I see either of them in the cabinet.  I actually feel like giving both of them away.  I don’t know that either of them have a place in our house or in our bodies.  I just can’t wrap my head around the impact that honey had on my body.  I’m sitting here writing this article in shock. 

Last night I just finished watching the Fed Up Documentary about how sugar crept into our lives, it’s impact, and why it’s so hard to get away from it.  I’m amazed at the politically games, lobbying, and lies that we are told.  When one study or report shows that pizza is bad, some special interest comes along to say that pizza has tomato paste which has fiber and that makes pizza a vegetable.  Hmmm.  I can’t find a single hole to poke into this documentary to contradict the information presented.  The documentary is free on YouTube.  If cutting back or eliminating sugar is something of interest, consider watching the documentary. 

What’s even more interesting is when I shared my sugar challenge with a co-worker, this co-worker was getting visibly annoyed and kept trying to say how sugar is not that bad, fat causes people to gain weight, and that there is no reason to avoid sugar.   Well ok.  This co-worker is following a celebrity endorsed weight loss plan where it’s completely acceptable to eat candy bars.  This plan portrays itself as balanced.  Truly, this plan is all about keeping people sucked into its monthly or weekly meetings and weigh in’s and membership fees.  I’m going to assume that my co-worker is addicted to sugar, can’t imagine following a healthy diet, and would prefer to stay in the continuous cycle rather than changing their mindset.  Funny how food causes about the same amount of heated debated as other topics. 

Have you ever watched the Fed Up Documentary?  What did you think?  What are your thoughts about sugar? 

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4 thoughts on “April 2021 Challenge Update:  Week 2 of No Sugar

  1. I read somewhere that the sugar industry association lobbied the US Gov in the 60s and paid for studies that pointed at fat rather than sugar being the cause of weight loss, which is where a lot of conventional wisdom comes from today.

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