How I Started a Daily Yoga Practice

rule of thirds photography of pink and white lotus flower floating on body of water

It all started one day after a yoga class. I felt relaxed, calm, stretched, and overall pretty darn awesome. My legs and hips were relaxed and I wasn’t in any pain from too much running and not enough stretching. I said to myself that I wanted to have that feeling every day. Not the once in a while feel good bliss when I could actually get to class. But every day. EVERY DAY! That afternoon I brainstormed to see what I could do to achieve my daily yoga practice goal.

Could I make it to the local yoga studio every day? No. The cost of daily yoga classes is not in my budget. I simply could not afford $20 per class or $85 for a monthly membership in my budget. In addition to the cost, the class times did not always work with my schedule. I prefer to work out right after work, not go home and then go back out. I’m not much of a fan of rushing out the door to yoga class just to run home to get ready for work.

Since going to the local yoga studio would not work, what else could I do?  As with all my habits and routines, I prefer to start small.  The go big or go home only worked when I wanted to declutter and chose the KonMari approach.  When it comes to fitness, small and manageable progress works best for me to avoid injury and make progress. 

I decided to commit to doing 5 vinyasa flows every morning before I got into the shower.  That’s it.  Only 5.  Every. Single. Morning.  Here is how my flow goes:

  1. Stand tall and reach your hands up to the sky (inhale).
  2. Forward fold (exhale).
  3. Raise your head and neck for your back to be flat and parallel the ground (inhale).
  4. Forward fold, step back into a push up position, and lower down into Chaturanga Dandasana (exhale).
  5. Upward facing dog (inhale).
  6. Downward facing dog (exhale).  
  7. Step forward into a forward fold (inhale).
  8. Raise your head and neck for your back to be flat and parallel the ground (exhale).
  9. Raise up and stand tall as you reach your arms upward to the sky (inhale).
  10. Bring your hands down to your side (exhale).
  11. And repeat 4 more times. 

As you read those steps, did you find yourself actually inhaling and exhaling?  Me too.  This is the reason why I needed to start my morning with 5 vinyasa flows.  I needed the focus on the breathe work without the sitting and meditating.  I fall back to sleep if I sit and meditate first thing in the morning.  Yoga, while still moving, is where I can get into a meditative state.  Clear my mind.  Reset from the previous day.  And help set myself up for a great day.   

Most mornings I am able to stream a slightly longer yoga practice but there are times I go back to my 5 vinyasa flows.  My 5 vinyasa flows take me less than 3 minutes or as long as 5 minutes.  It all depends on how long I hold the different poses. 

What do you need to get started?  3-5 minutes of time.  Yoga mat or towel to help prevent you from sliding.  Simple.  Nothing complicated. 

If you are looking for some free yoga resources, check out an article I wrote. 

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