Exercise for a Minimalist

Show of hands.  Who does their taxes as soon as you have all of the information?  I do!  Thank goodness I did our taxes the first weekend in February.  I found out that I personally owed $2,462 because my current employer wasn’t withholding the proper amount of taxes in my weekly paycheck.  Uggg.  I’m not the person that wants a huge tax refund but I’m also not the person that likes a huge tax bill.  I’m right in the middle with a small refund or bill. 

In order to pay this tax bill I needed to make some immediate changes.  I stopped contributing to my #Save21 goal and eliminated the expense of a trainer and gym membership.  These changes were to only last 9 weeks.  To be very honest.  I had one foot out the door with the trainer and gym membership long before the tax bill.  I LOVED MY TRAINER.  But I didn’t like the cold showers at the gym or the rush to get ready in the morning, get to the gym, and get to work, and the gym itself wasn’t my type of gym. 

pair of black running shoes

For the past four years I have trained with a trainer.  At first it was to get ready to apply to the FBI.  After I decided that my dream had passed I kept training with a trainer because I didn’t want to fall back into old habits.  My old habits included running and then quitting, lifting and then quitting, and repeat. 

I have made a commitment to myself to keep going over the last couple of weeks.  I have three races that I’m planning to run throughout the year.  This little piece of motivation will keep me going.  I love running.  It’s one of the most minimalist exercises you could do.  All it requires is a good pair of running shoes.   I use a phone app to track my miles and time but that’s completely optional. 

At home I have three sets of weights, a stability ball, and bands for my strength workouts.  I feel stronger and more in control of my strength now that I am writing my own workout plans.   I know when my body needs more leg curls to improve my running.  My plans are written to target my legs, abdominals, and arms all in an effort to improve my running. 

I’m excited that I simplified my finances, my weeks, and my workouts all with moving my strength workouts home.  My weeks feel calmer and I have the chance to get some quick little easy chores done around the house before I go to work.  This leaves my nights far more relaxing.  Send me an email at BMMblog@outlook.com if you would like a FREE copy of my at home strength workouts. 

A Minimalist Workout for Maximal Results

Running a couple unplanned races

What would happen if I didn’t have any debt?

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