Wrapping Up My No Instagram for March Challenge

Earlier this month I announced that I would go the entire month of March without Instagram all thanks to reading Give It Up! by Mary Carlomagno.   Overall it was nice to step away from Instagram and reevaluate my interactions with the platform.  I found that I used Instagram when I was bored.  I would mindlessly scroll and waste a whole lot of time.  Wasting time then caused me to feel stressed and anxious. Then the stress and anxiety caused me to feel like my blood pressure was up.  Just a whole lot of stuff happened as a result of the mindless Instagram scroll. 

red and whites logo

Once I eliminated that little app, my boredom subsided.  I regained peace and calmness throughout my days.  I felt more present with my family. 

  1. Yoga:  Rather than simply doing yoga only 4 mornings a week, I added yoga every morning.  My yoga practice varied.  Yoga was shorter on mornings when I did a strength work out. 
  2. Little Tasks:  Little tasks like shining my favorite ballet flats use to be on my to-do list for weeks.  During this month I was able to pick up my shoes and get them shined all before work one morning. 
  3. Taking Stuff off Mr. BMM’s Plate:  Mr. BMM’s schedule blew up this past month.  He was working even more than usual.  Since I had more space on my calendar I was able to take on some of his chores without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 
  4. Writing more:  I have been able to write more, post more articles each week, and have more creative ideas come to me. 

Going forward I need to define how I will be using Instagram.  Right now my Instagram usage will be very limited. 

  1. Posting:  No posting until I get to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This way I am forced to limit my time on Instagram.  I will be able to share my recently posted article and respond to comments on the next day I post. 
  2. Scrolling and Other Usage:  Beyond posting to Instagram three times a week, I’m not planning to use Instagram for anything else.  No scrolling!

What’s up for April? Check back tomorrow for April’s challenge.

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