Is There A Difference Between Financial Incentive And Ego?

Recently I was chatting with my boss about how someone may be incentivized to either over or under state their budget in order to receive a financial incentive or bonus.  My boss stated that there are no bonuses this year so nobody would be incentivized to over or under state their budget.  I disagreed with my boss.  I simply stated that a person’s ego would cause them to do the same thing as a financial incentive.  Both a financial incentive and ego are carrots.




  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
  2. an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.

Maybe it’s a gender thing or generational thing or emotional intelligence thing.  I see the ego making people do some pretty stupid things.  If you look at people that commit fraud they can rationalize their behavior aka their ego is doing the talking.  Look at criminals that cannot seem to accept that their behavior was wrong.  That’s their ego doing the talking.  When men get into a conference room with me, I see a whole lot of puffed up chests, little decision making, and a whole lot of blabbing going on.  Again it’s their ego at work. 

As a female in a predominately male area, finance, I personally face challenges that most men wouldn’t even think about experiencing.  I’m asked if I’m planning to take any extended time off during interviews.  I’m tasked with more administrative assistant work than my male peers.  The information that I provide needs to be blessed by a male before most bosses accept my information as fact. 

Today’s post isn’t about minimalism at all but it’s something that I felt that needed to put out their into this world. I’m tired of dealing with men that need to flex their ego. Maybe that’s just yet another reason why I am pursing financial independence. I’m over their pigheaded bullshit. Not all men have this problem. It just happens that I end up working for and with these type of men.

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3 thoughts on “Is There A Difference Between Financial Incentive And Ego?

  1. I have also experienced being tasked with more administrative tasks than others in my team, although it wasn’t just more than male colleagues. I realised that part of my personality is to ‘people please’ and those that were not as trustworthy and accountable were not given these tasks, rewarding bad behaviour. Not sure how to break this cycle, maybe pointing out other responsibilities before accepting tasks?


    1. Recently I was asked to do an administrative task that fell under a different department. I agreed in the meeting but politely told my boss that this isn’t my job to do someone else’s work. Then I realized that putting together a competitive bid was just another awesome thing to put on my resume since I never did it before.


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