8 Things I Refuse to Buy as a Minimalist

Minimalists and millennials killed so may things over the past decade or so. I figured it was time to write a list of things that I refused to buy and likely contributed to their ultimate demise. Yet I’m fairly certain that these things are still available for purchase.

  1. Napkins.  More specifically paper napkins.  We need a napkin to pick up a drop of this or that.  I purchased a set of 20 cloth napkins that are conveniently stored inside a loaf pan on the counter near the silverware draw.  We drop the cloth napkins into the laundry basket whenever they get dirty. 
  2. Paper towels.  In late 2019 I picked up an 8 mega roll pack of paper towels from Target.  When supplies got hard to find in early 2020 I made the executive decision that we would only use paper towels to clean up meat juices in the refrigerator and replaced the paper towels with cloth “paper” towels.  They are a little larger than a wash cloth but smaller than a hand towel, easy to wash and fold, and get stored in the same loaf pan as the napkins for convenience.  As of writing this article we have only used 2.5 rolls of my original 8 from the end of 2019. 
  3. Single purpose cleaning products.  With a bottle of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, water, and some essential oils, I have been able to make poo-spray, floor cleaner, and an all-purpose spray cleaner.  Here is a link to my Instagram post with all of those recipes.
  4. Sale items.  Let me be clear.  If something is on my grocery list and it’s on sale, I do pick it up.  I no longer pick up items from the store just because they are on sale.  Too many of the “just because they were on sale” items got tossed when I complete my own KonMari tidying event back in 2019. 
  5. Special birthday cards. I purchase a set of 20 or so birthday cards that are simple yet appropriate for all of my people to receive.  Each card cost about $2 versus the hefty $6 per card at the grocery store. 
  6. Jewelry.  I’m not much of a jewelry wearing gal.  I love a pair of simple post earrings along with my engagement and wedding bands.  The jewelry that I do have beyond what I consider every day jewelry has a special meaning to me that I wear on occasion. 
  7. Bottled water.  I am a card carrying proud member of the reusable water bottle team.  Both Mr. BMM and I have our own water bottles that we use.  If we think we will need more than what our water bottles will hold, we have a 64 ounce reusable insulated water bottle that we take along with us on trips. 
  8. Books.  Another proud card carrying local library card holder here.  I realized that it was difficult to let go of books when I was faced with the book section of my KonMari tidying event.  I made it a point to never buy another book again.  Rather I borrow books from one of the two local county library systems or a major city within my state for eBooks.  Occasionally I stop by one of the several little free libraries on a family walk. 

What is one thing that you refuse to purchase now?

6 thoughts on “8 Things I Refuse to Buy as a Minimalist

  1. I am with you on all of these things. I love my cloth napkins but can’t get my family on board. Sigh. Oh well…one thing at a time.

    I also no longer buy cotton balls and pads, and I make my own greeting cards on my computer. They cost pennies and are much more personal than anything you buy in a store.

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  2. “What is one thing that you refuse to purchase now?”….. Chick-fil-a. I know that’s not what you’re really looking for, but as much as I like the food from that place since I found out how they feel about the gay community, I stopped buying from that place.

    As for sale items, I know what days my market places deep discounts on certain food items such as meat, and on those days I make sure I get to the market to check out what they may have. Since I live in a semi-rual area, I’m not on city water and I have a well so I have once a month delivery of bottled water. I use the bottle of water for drinking and for cooking. I used to get small bottles of water at the store but I purchased several stainless steel insulated containers and now I just feel those with the bottled water I have at home and take that with me to drink.

    I know this is not meeting your minimalist aspect but it works for me as I don’t want to go too far extremes. I do agree with the eight things you’ve listed are good ideas especially the paper towel and napkins. I guess I’ll go to the store and look for those items to replace the paper towels and napkins.

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    1. I stopped spending money at places because they didn’t support causes near and dear to my own heart too. I get you!

      You need clean drinking water! Sounds like you’re doing the best with what you have. Bravo!

      I picked up my “paper” towels and napkins on Etsy because I couldn’t find them at my local store. Going paperless on that front made it a lot easier for me when I needed to go grocery shopping last year. For me it was just one less thing to worry about getting.

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  3. Just binged through a bunch of your posts. As always, food for thought! I miss you over on Insta, though I find myself over there less and less often and absolutely “get” your decision to take a break 😊

    I’m totally with you on the single-purpose cleaners! They take up so much space, they’re often harsh chemicals, and it’s amazing what my homemade cleaner can accomplish at a fraction of the cost.

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