Why Do I Feel So Calm?

Recently I have been coming home from work, getting the little tasks done around the house, and feeling this overwhelming sense of calm around me. All of those little tasks haven’t felt like a mountain to climb over. I don’t feel that I’m spread too thin. I’m sleeping amazingly well. My body is feeling great. Things are just going well for me right now. Could my March Give It Up! Challenge be the underlining cause of this sense of calm?

I’m two weeks out from quitting Instagram for my March Give It Up! Challenge. Making the decision was sort of hard because I want this blog to grow. My fantasy self writes from a tiny home, travels the country with my family, and lives life to the fullest. However, the reality is that this blog, while near and dear to my heart, is not making me any money. Instagram certainly helped drive traffic towards this blog. Giving up Instagram for the month was a bit of an internal struggle between my fantasy and my reality.

In the end, trialing a month without Instagram seemed manageable. Now that I’m two weeks out I am reconsidering going back to Instagram all together. Is driving traffic to my blog worth the cost of anxiety, stress, reduction in blog posts, and a nagging sense of wasting time? I don’t think so. At least not at this moment. I have fifteen days to reconsider.

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