Meal Planning: Review of The Vertical Diet

A couple months ago, I woke up early to get to the grocery store when it opened.  I love to walk around my local Wegman’s and smell the bread baking with only a couple of other customers when I do go shopping in person.  It’s my most favorite time of the day to grocery shop.  As I was putting away the groceries, Mr. BMM announced that he wanted to start a new diet.  Yep, right after I went grocery shopping. 

He showed me the nearly 300 page e-book, gave me some highlights, and thought it would save time if we both ate the same meals.  This new plan wasn’t too far from my current plan so I agreed.  And then I panicked.  Oh yeah.  I was starting to calculate the costs of this new plan and comparing against my budget.  How on earth was this going to improve our lives and save us money?  I was totally skeptical. 

flat lay photography of raw salmon fish

As you may guess, I track our grocery spending.  I consider anything that goes in or on us as groceries.  Toilet paper, shampoo, and chicken are all considered groceries in my book.  As the weeks went on, I noticed that Mr. BMM was losing fat.  I felt stronger and noticed improved digestion.  Would you believe it?  We are spending $50 less per week on groceries!!!  That’s a $2,600 savings per year. 

We are following the Vertical Diet by Stan Efferding.  I LOVE IT!!!  I have had to make a couple modifications because of my food allergies.  I cannot have rice.  My monster mash does look a little different than the plan.  And I do eat chicken a couple times a week because I need just a slight variation in meals even though chicken isn’t favored on the Vertical Diet. 

But I’m still noticing huge improvements in both of our lives.  Mr. BMM hasn’t had sugar, cakes, candy, or sweets in over two months!  That’s huge.  Mr. BMM has a sweet tooth but he is now noticing the impact of his old choices.  He is also seeing what I have been saying as a 7+ year sugar free BMM. 

How do we save money?  We got a free membership to Sam’s Club were we paid $45 to get a $45 Sam’s Club gift card.  We buy our ground beef, salmon, chicken stock, and eggs at Sam’s Club.  Weekly I get spinach, rice, veggies, and chicken from Wal-Mart.  I created an excel meal planning file to help calculate our calories, carbs, fat, and protein.  THIS EXCEL MEAL PLAN IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE VERTICAL DIET MEAL PLAN BOOK.  IT’S NOT ENDORSED BY STAN EITHER.  I’m just a nerd that lives in excel so I found it to be much easier to meal plan in excel.  Would you be interested in a copy of the excel meal planning file?  If so, comment below.  I’m picking one lucky reader to review this excel meal planning file for free.  Drawing happens on 3/19/2021.

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