Day 1 Without Instagram: What Happened?

Early Monday morning I posted my final post about being off Instagram as an experiment for March 2021. And then my day went on. Sure I had some weird urges to check Instagram but I stopped myself. I wouldn’t negotiate with myself. There was no middle ground. I was off Instagram for the month. My inner self could be so stubborn.

An interesting thing happened though.  I found that I had more time for myself and my family.  See I was off from work on Monday.  I treated it like a test retirement day.  I started the day with some yoga at home, followed by breakfast with Mr. BMM.  We watched a little bit of TV.  He went to the gym and I stayed home to workout.  Then I went for a run as the light drizzle neared its end.  I booked myself an hour to peruse around my local library.  And then it was time for lunch, an at home manicure/pedicure, reading time, and family adventure in our local state park.  During dinner, I told Mr. BMM that I felt that I was off for far longer than one extra day.  I felt so rested it was amazing.  

What really happened?  I really enjoyed my day without Instagram.  Maybe things will change.  Maybe I will miss it.  But I don’t know that I see myself returning to Instagram.  I like the Instagram’less BMM life.  

Facebook causes anxiety at the mere thought of providing so much information just to sign up for their site. My goodness Facebook is equivalent to that creepy neighbor trying to see when the optimal time would be for them to break into your home. Am I the only one that thinks like this? Why does Facebook need to know so much information when all I really want to do it join a Buy Nothing group? You’re not getting a Christmas card from me Mark!

Why do I seem to despise social media so much? I think it comes down to one fact. Social media is addicting. The likes,the follows, the comments, the peaks into someone else’s Instagram life are all addicting. Social media and tech companies are engineering their apps to become addictive. I read about it in Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and many other books. While I tried to “like” social media for its “benefits,” I truthfully hate social media. I hate social media so much so that I have periodically thought about deleting my professional LinkedIn site. If it wasn’t for the fact of looking for jobs, I would have deleted LinkedIn a long time ago.

Have you experimented on being social media-less? How did it go? Miss anything?

6 thoughts on “Day 1 Without Instagram: What Happened?

  1. I only do WordPress. The thing with social media is you should control it not have it control you. If you like Instagram or Facebook then continue to do so but do you really need to let everyone know what you’re doing every minute of your day?

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  2. I went off of Facebook about 2 years ago and haven’t missed it. I wrote a long blog post about it a month or so later and my feelings haven’t really changed since then. I did notice a sharp drop off on my blog traffic after I deleted the account, though, which was the only downside. Then I recreated my blog’s FB page on my wife’s account, so problem solved!

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