March 2021 Experiment Inspired by Give it Up! by Mary Carlomagno

Could you imagine going a whole month without alcohol, shopping, elevators, newspapers, cellphones, dining out, television, taxis, coffee, cursing, chocolate, or multitasking? That’s what Mary Carlomagno, author of Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better did. She lived January without alcohol, February without shopping, March without elevators, and so on. Inspired by Mary, I’m about to start an experiment myself.

Instagram logo in space gray iPhone 6

Last weekend I spent Sunday without my cell phone. I had these weird moments of “oops let me look that up” throughout the day. I noticed some weird ticks and habits. It was hard to go a day without my phone but I did a full 36 hours without my cell phone. The issue with my cell phone is Instagram for Beautiful Minimal Millennial. I love scrolling to see pictures of tiny homes, minimalist ideas, and investing tips. I enjoy sharing my blog posts and other minimalists inspirations. Yet I feel that Instagram is taking time away from writing on this blog. At times Instagram steals some great ideas for this blog. Writing on this blog makes me much happier.

During March 2021, I will be putting Beautiful.Minimal.Millennial Instagram on hold. No scrolling, no posting, NO INSTAGRAM! I know that I need this break for my mental health. At times I deviate from my favorites and go down a rabbit hole looking at current events. It rarely ends with me feeling better than I did before I fell down the rabbit hole. Plus I am spending more time than I really want to. I am feeling that I’m not being as present with my family as much as I want to be.

I have this fear of missing out on Instagram followers. I have about 290 followers. What’s going to happen after a month of not posting. Will I lose them all? I don’t know. Is Instagram helping this blog grow? Does it even matter? Nope and nope. The reality is that this blog is a place for me to keep myself accountable for my no spend years, my investing goals, and all things related to living my best life. I hope that others find inspiration from this blog but I make $0 off this blog. I make $0 dollars from Instagram. What will I honestly lose by taking a month off Instagram? Honestly? No lies. No stretching the truth. I’m going to lose nothing from taking Instagram off for all of March.

For all of March 2021, I will not be on Instagram. No posting. No scrolling. NOTHING! A little hint about what’s on my mind. I’m thinking about giving it up 100%. I felt a huge weight lift when I gave up Facebook back in February 2017.

Want to join me on this challenge? Comment below that you are in!

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