Guess what day it is!?!?!?!

It’s the BMM 2nd Blog-A-Versary

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Happy Blog-A-Versary to the Beautiful Minimal Millennial!

After reflecting on the past year, let’s all agree it’s been a crazy year!  Nobody ever would have guessed that the world would have shut down, lives turned upside down and sideways, and we are all living a new normal.  I know that my personal life has changed because of it all. 

I no longer do in person grocery shopping each week.  Rather I utilized grocery pick up or delivery each week.  And on occasion, I do go into a grocery store to pick up some staples that I can’t get with my pick up/delivery order.  I don’t see myself returning to my old normal either.  I enjoy having the space in my schedule for other things.

Our family started daily walks, runs, hikes, and motorcycle rides.  We have unofficial weekly finance meetings where we cheer each other on, discuss current goals, and run ideas by each other.   Mr. BMM introduced me to a whole new way of meal planning earlier this year.  We are getting healthier and saving money on grocery shopping.  We are saving even more than I ever could have expected to save.

I personally have found a heck of a lot more patience, calmness, and peace with a far more limited schedule.  I’m an introvert at heart so it has been wonderful not to go to all of those kid parties, answer the annoying “when are you two having kids”, and dealing with parents that loosen up a bit too with some alcohol and tell you all kinds of stories.  I’m thrilled to announce that I escaped a bridal shower. And I can honestly say that over the past year I have only done things that really brought me joy. It’s still been a hard year but I’m determined to focus on the silver lining here.

I started this little blog to have an outlet for me to keep myself accountable for my personal finances, share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way, and share my love of books.  I quit Facebook in February 2017 and can’t bear to go back to it.  The thought of going back to Facebook causes me anxiety.  BMM currently has Instagram which is honestly close to the end and about to get cut.  I don’t find much value in my time spend on Instagram.  I actually feel like it has negatively impacted my blog.  Maybe Instagram will be put in time out. 

After the past two years of blogging, I have continued to remain credit card debt free.  I do use my credit card but the balance is paid weekly.  No exception to this rule.  I also paid off my car in December 2020 that I bought in November 2018.  I paid off a $31,000 car in 25 months! That is certainly a lot of money but work hard and have the student loans. 

“November 2020 will be when I celebrate officially owning my own car for the first time in my life.  I will actually have the title for my care!  It has never happened before.  I never thought it was possible either.  But I guess as the story goes where there is a will, there is a way.  I found my way!” 

1st BMM Blog-A-Versary

The hardest part of the past two years was to stop spending money. Spending money was just the way of life as I saw it as a kid.  Now it’s second nature to not spend money.  Recently I got hit with a $2,462 tax bill.  The domino effect of that tax bill has me reducing my investments for 9 weeks, adjusting my tax withholding for the rest of the year to avoid a future tax bill, and cutting back on expenses.  I gave myself two options.  Either cut back on expenses or reduce my investments.  I chose to quickly cut back on expenses because my future self would prefer the option to retire early. 

Can I retire tomorrow?  Nope.  Will I be able to retire before the typical 65 year mark?  OH YEAH!!!  I’m keeping my eye on the retire early prize.  Mr. BMM and I are both keeping our eye on that prize.  We both want to live a life where we are in charge of our time.  Where we don’t have to exchange time for money.  We will get there for sure!

Cheers to BMM!  Let’s see where this crazy road goes over the next year.

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