Book Review: The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

After reading The Secret, I wanted to put this out to the Universe.

I AM strong 

I AM beautiful 

I AM young 

I AM smart 

I AM the perfect body weight

I HAVE a beautiful family 

I HAVE a loving and caring husband 

I HAVE wealth 

I AM financial independent 

I AM living my life on my own terms 

Image result for the secret by byrne

Reading the book The Secret, it opened my eyes to the internal and external narrative that I’m saying.  When I use qualifying words like “one day” or “someday” the Universe is listening and responding with “one day” or “someday” you will get what you are asking for.   Rather than saying one day I will be able to be financially independent, I’m saying today that I AM FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT! 

How many times do you wake up, start your day, and out of habit say you’re tired?  Now don’t you feel tired?  Wake up and say “TODAY WILL BE AN AWESOME DAY!” 

If you think your internal or external narratives could use a little sprucing up, I would recommend reading The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.   

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