Cleaning Routines

I have this whole love/hate relationship with cleaning. I love when it’s all done, I sometimes really enjoy the process, but I hate having to-do items on my list like clean the bathroom. Ok. Cleaning the bathroom is absolutely necessary. But are all chores equal? This is the question that I have been pondering since I moved out on my own. So I’ve been thinking about that same question for 16 years! I feel like I finally have an answer.

Over the past couple of years I wrote about this topic several times. BECAUSE I have been pondering it for 16 years!!! Maybe I am in fact a Questioner from Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies and a high C on the DiSC profile. But shouldn’t we be questioning everything that society does or implies? I digress.

I swear after accumulating over $50,000 in student loans, I should have learned to build a personal budget with some tips/tricks to adulting. Like do I really need to dust every. single. day or change the mop water every 4 square feet? Instead I’m writing my personal HOW TO clean your house routine today.


  • Run the dishwasher and put away all dishes.
  • Put all dirty laundry in the laundry basket.
  • Take 10 minutes to walk around the house and put things away that some how escaped.
  • Get clothes and lunch ready for the next day.
  • Run robotic vacuum and empty container.


  • Laundry, which includes wash, dry, fold, AND put away all clothes.
  • Iron for upcoming week.
  • Clean the bathroom. This isn’t pull everything out and spend hours in your bathroom each week. This is scrub the tub, shower, sink, toilet, and wipe down all flat surfaces. If you need to pull everything out and spend hours in your bathroom, then see my quarterly routine.
  • Meal plan, grocery shop, and meal prep.
  • Clean out robotic vacuum by washing all washable parts.
  • Restock the bathroom with bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and toilet paper (this makes the upcoming week easier).

Once’ish a Month:

  • Dust (sometimes I do this twice a month because I have allergies).
  • Real vacuum
  • Mop floors
  • Replace dish sponge, bathroom sponge, shower loofahs, and razors.
  • Post on Craigslist a free box of things next to mailbox.


flat lay photography of turned-on silver iPad beside Apple Pencil
  • Change air cleaner filters.
  • Clean out refrigerator.
  • Vacuum out dust and dog fur from underneath refrigerator.

Semi-Annually (Spring/Fall):

  • Change refrigerator water filter.
  • Clean windows on the inside and wash all mini-blinds/curtains.
  • Clean out drier vents. Watched a YouTube video and got a kit. Cleaning the dryer takes less than 10 minutes now.
  • Move couch, bed, and large pieces of furniture to vacuum underneath.
  • Hose out garage floor.
  • Touch up paint (inside and outside) as needed
  • Perform KonMari “lite” and run through each room to identify non-joy sparking items.
  • Double check all medicines for expiration dates.
  • Change shower curtain


  • Wash off Christmas tree (September).
  • Check passports and other licenses for expiration dates (January).

What is your best tip for cleaning? Share it in the comments below please!

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