Top 7 Reasons For Going Paperless

Last week I had to go into a co-worker’s office to find and scan paperwork. I probably could have left notes all over their office in dust. I actually got to the point during one search to say if there is a thick film of dust than the papers they are looking for can’t be under that pile. And then I came home sick for the weekend because I’m super allergic to dust. It got me thinking if being paperless is something of sci-fi wonder or am I just some weirdo that hates keeping paper.

Going paperless has actually been a thing since 1978 according to my resent Google search. Yet when people look at my office they look puzzled at the lack of papers. And I blow their mind when I suggest they even attempt trying the whole paperless things. I personally keep papers that I’m actively working on. For example, the grocery receipt stays around until I enter it into my grocery budget tracker. The paper notes from a business meeting stay around until I completed all of my tasks and/or digitized my notes simply by scanning my notes into a folder. And then its off to the shredder the papers go!

office table with pile of papers
  1. Papers collect dust, mold, mildew and all gross things. This doesn’t mean you should toss your paper passport but you should limit the volume of visual papers and create a simple filing routine.
  2. You spend more time looking for papers than actually doing work. I know it’s a fun little distraction to step away from your desk but honestly you are wasting so much time hunting for papers. Time that you could be leaving work on time or ending that dreaded task sooner.
  3. You cannot work remotely because you either have to carry too much paperwork or you can’t imagine not working around piles of paper.
  4. Stacks of paper create visual clutter. Visually clutter stresses people out. Nobody can focus when they are stressed out.
  5. You look completely unorganized and people question your skills. You might be the smartest person at the table but is someone really going to trust you when your office looks like this ^^^
  6. You kill more trees than you should. Do you seriously need to print that out? How many times do you see someone’s email signature say “Think before you print!” I find stuff printed on the work printer that people just forget to pick up. That tells me that they really didn’t need that thing printed.
  7. Being eco-friendly is cool and you should do it by eliminating paper. Going green, being eco friendly, and sustainable are not just cool buzz words, it’s really the cool thing to do. With so many of our natural resources being depleted help in anyway you can makes a big impact. Refuse that printed receipt whenever possible is a huge step!

What else would you add to this list as reasons go to paperless?

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