Financial Independence: My Why

Over the years I have written about paying off debt, building an emergency fund, and decluttering/simplifying my life. And for those years I felt that I was missing the “why” in my story. Why do I want financial independence so badly? Why have I given up two and going on three years of shopping? Why do I budget with so much detail? Why do I choose to bring my lunch to work every day? Why do I live frugally?

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My Why hit me last week. I’m feel like I’m starring in my own personal Ground Hogs Day movie and that financial independence will be the only way out. See as an auditor and finance person in businesses, I usually get a first hand look at business decisions. I see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the “how has nobody slashed your tires in the parking lot yet” decisions. Some decisions are great. But most decisions leave me scratching my head wondering how on earth the person making said decision is (1) still thinking that they are smart, (2) who hiring this idiot, (3) how does this idiot still have their job, (4) wondering how much this crap is going to cost, (5) did everyone in the meeting really think that was a smart idea, and (6) what will employees lose as a result of said decision.

Time and time again I come home to vent to Mr. BMM. And after so long I look for a new job. Swearing to myself that this one will be different. And then it happens again. Yet last week I had my Ah-ha moment. The reason why I’m pissed about these stupid decisions is that my financial future is literally tied to a bunch of idiots. I’m betting my financial future with idiot chips. Now not all people I work with or people that have made business decision are idiots. No, I have a list of smart people that have faced with very hard decisions and they knocked it out of the park.

Enough about idiots. My financial independence why is so that my financial future no longer depends on others. For as long as I could remember I have always been fiercely independent. My grandmothers always got me because I followed their paths. One grandmother was the first to go to college and the other lived abroad while my grandfather was in the military. Today neither of those things scream independent now but for someone born in the 1930s and from my small home town, they were badass and occasionally rule breakers. It’s not surprise that I prefer receiving commission so that my pay equals my hustle and that I have a problem with idiots impacting my financial future.

My financial independence why is so that my financial future no longer depends on others.

For some reason after coming to peace with my financial independence why, I now laugh and smile at idiots. I now come home laughing how the fish still haven’t gotten eliminated from the budget.

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8 thoughts on “Financial Independence: My Why

  1. Love this!! So many people talk about their personal finance journeys and how they want to save money and retire early – but why?! We have to find our deeper motivation!!

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