What If I Opt Out of Shipping

What happens if I opt out of shipping? I’m to the point that I would rather go without or actually go into a physical store than to keep submitting what seems to be an endless stream of lost package claims because one shipping carrier can’t seem to get it together. Let me quickly point out that its competitors are doing just fine. Even the relatively new competitor with the blue vans is doing better. But really what happens if I opt out of shipping?

First, it forces me to decide if I really, really, really need that thing. Online shopping has become my favorite way to shop as an introvert. I don’t have to deal with crowds, annoying people, run to several stores, or waste time when I can’t find what I’m looking for. In order to support my 2021 theme of FREE, I’m going to have to look hard at what’s on my shopping list to see if I really need to spend the time and money.

Second, I know I have written about going zero waste over the years. If I could refuse the extra packaging waste that is associated with shipping, then I could move closer to my lower/zero waste goals. While we do recycle as much as possible, it would feel even better to refuse the waste up front rather than having to deal with it on the back end.

Third, I want to support local thrift/consignment/family owned businesses. Sure Etsy and eBay grant me access to thrift/family owned businesses worldwide, I just want to support my local neighbors and friends. I work for a small family business now and I see the impact of choices at a local level.

Fourth, my email inbox will practically be at inbox zero 95% of the time if I’m not waiting for packages to be delivered. Most importantly I won’t have the urge to check my phone several times a day to see if my package shipping and will be delivered or if I need to submit yet another lost package claim.

Fifth, less time on my phone checking emails or looking to purchase what limited items that I do purchase, will give me more space to breathe, relax, read, and do things I want to spend my time doing. Take that phone tracker!

Sixth, I will be reducing carbon emissions and precious resources. Think about it. No need to fly a single little package across the country when I can swing by the thrift store on my way home from work.

While I am still aggravated at the fact that I just submitted two more lost package claims this morning, it’s clear that opting out of shipping is just going to simplify my life and move me towards my larger goals of less waste, less spending, and more free time.

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3 thoughts on “What If I Opt Out of Shipping

  1. interesting to know y9ou have shipping issues which i have had really 0 (knock on wood) issues with lost “mail.” the issues i have with online buying is if im buying something, i want/need it now and not days from now. then there is always the issue of “porch thieves” so i get my packages sent to my local ups store. they let me know when a package has arrived. yes i have to drive to the store, but i know it is secure. it seems many people have their packages sent to their work.

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    1. Porch thieves aren’t the problem. The packages are literally getting lost mid travel and then magically appearing days/weeks later.

      But I totally I understand why you have your shipped to the UPS store.


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