Questioning What is Essential

What a year 2020! I mean 2020 started off on a high note and quickly became a dumpster fire of all dumpster fires. I think you can relate. We quickly determined what was essential vs. what really was great to have or do but wasn’t exactly essential. For me personally, I use to have a long list of “essential” things to do. Currently that list is really bare bones and basic. I use to think I had to shop three grocery stores each week for the best deals. If I actually calculated the savings by shopping three grocery stores it would have gone like this. My time + mileage – grocery savings would likely have been negative aka I was wasting money and time. Not to mention the unnecessary stress of “doing it all.” Because let’s be honest there is no award for “doing it all!” Not now. Not ever.

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Lately I have found myself digging even deeper into what is essential after watching a series on van life. What do I really need to survive? Not the barely hanging on my a thread survive but survive and thrive. I think I figured out my magic potion. It balances the essentials and helps me thrive without being too much. As the dumpster fire of 2020 ebbs and flows, I have been feeling very anxious and stressed over the last two weeks. So taking this time to determine what is essential and what actually helps me thrive was totally necessary.

First, declutter. I know. I know. I KonMari’d my stuff two years ago so what on earth could I still have to declutter. While I truly believe after you KonMari your things/life and set new rules on what comes back into your space, there will less stuff to declutter. That does not mean that you will never declutter again. It just means you will have less to declutter and need to make declutter decisions less often.

Please check out my 31 Day Declutter Challenge starting on October 1st!

Second, simplify. Driving around to three grocery stores in three towns added about 30-45 extra minutes of just drive time to the already daunting task of grocery shopping. Thanks to the dumpster fire of 2020, I cut that nonsense out. I also eliminated services outside my happy 20 minute driving range. Did I find a dentist I liked closer to home rather than 45 minutes away? Sure did! Time is money. And unless the services I need are complex and specialized, I’m not spending 90 minutes driving round trip for a dentist visit. Sorry to my favorite dental hygienist Marcus!

Third, indulge. I’m not talking about scheduling a mani/pedi amongst your already jam packed schedule and spending even more money. I’m talking about taking 20 minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet over a cup of tea. Indulge over watching leaves fall. Indulge in going for a walk to check out the fall/Halloween decorations. I indulge every single night with a cup of chamomile tea and some Property Brothers an hour before I go to bed.

Fourth, say no. I made new rules. I don’t go to baby or bridal showers unless I’m related. (I will send a gift but you won’t see me playing shower games!). I don’t go to work events that are at bars. (I cannot drink so coworkers really annoy me when they drink!). I don’t stay out late or commit to rise early. (I love an early morning at home yoga practice so don’t mess with that!). And if I accidently said yes and nearly immediately regret that decision, I will change my response.

What is one thing that you cut out during the 2020 Dumpster Fire and refuse to add back in?

3 thoughts on “Questioning What is Essential

  1. i really do not do much so my dumpster fire is pretty small. i continue to clean out storage room, tack room and garage and since the weather will be turning cooler, i hope, soon, i can get back to doing those fun things. now if i could just get rid of the 3 llamas i have left, things would accelerate. with the aforementioned tasks.

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