Freedom of Screen Time Limits

When my phone smashed to smithereens last month, I decided to switch teams and order an iPhone. One of the main reasons was the customizing that could be easily done with an iPhone rather than searching for an android app to do the same thing.

  1. App Limits: I limit myself to 15 minutes of Instagram scrolling each day. Found that I kept finding stuff that annoyed me and as a result seemed to have raised my blood pressure. Seriously. This is not necessary.
  2. Screen Time Limits: Limited functionality of my phone between 6pm and 6am as well as have the screen dim.
  3. Instagram Scheduler: Not really Apple specific, but I’m now scheduling my posts on Instagram to give me more space away from the phone. I can do all of the scheduling in front of my computer.
  4. Eliminate the Badge Counters: Those little red circles that are like a blinking light yelling pick me, pick me, pick me! I shut those off!
  5. Eliminate the Buzzes and Dings: Very little makes a noise except the phone ringing and select text messages.
blue samsung android smartphone on gray marble table

What have you done to release yourself from your cell phone?

4 thoughts on “Freedom of Screen Time Limits

  1. i picked android for the fact it isnt an apple product. lol
    i picked the google phone because it does not have any of the “bloat software” the other phones have. besides, the camera is the best!!! lol i am not a slave to my phone and use it as the tool it really is. but i do admit it is my constant companion but not for the reason(s) you might think. since i am out and about my “yard” if something should happen, and it has, i have the ability to call for help. also, i come across many photo ops. lol i wish they would improve the call quality.

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