How Many Forks Do I Have?

It’s really interesting to sit back and observe humans. We all seem to be focused on being the best runner, the best employee, the best partner, the best minimalist, the best blah blah blah. We will search the internet for definitions and how to’s and tips/tricks in order to be the best. We act like there is a gold medal for everything. Think about that. We compete against ourselves, compete against others that we know, compete against others that we just observe, and compete against others that we have no idea who the heck they are just in the spirit of being the best. Anyone else tired of that rat race?

Today I wanted to explain how to be the best minimalist. Want to know how to be the best minimalist? Stop counting your forks. Literally just stop it. Since there is no clear definition or list the outlines what you should have and not have in order to be considered a minimalist, let me attempt to create one.

I’m a minimalist that owns 10 forks, 19 knives, 19 spoons, and 4 spatulas. We keep 6 sandwich plates, 4 bowls, 6 dinner plates, 3 mugs, and 9 drinking glasses in the kitchen cabinets. I own 30 black dresses (some are duplicates too) and 18 pairs of shoes. We have a DVD player and 6 DVDs. I still use a blanket made by my grandmother to snuggle on the couch. We have two sets of bedding for our bed. I have a stash of pictures in frames in a cabinet to displace throughout the year. We continually reevaluate the things and let go of stuff. AND I’M A MINIMALIST.

focus photography of silver utensils on container

Being a minimalist is not about the number of things you own. It’s about focusing more on experiences over things. It’s about breaking up with the control of things over your life. It’s about taking back the power from the things. It’s about giving yourself space to breathe and focus on being present.

How I define my version of minimalism? I focus on doing things with those most important to me. I give myself some time to rest and recover through reading, yoga, and meditation. Mr. BMM and I will have some type of adventure every day. We go for walks, hikes, runs, motorcycle rides, eat dinner together in the kitchen or simply sit on the front porch. We take time each day to just be with each other without distractions. We look up how to fix something that breaks at our house before running out to replace it. If we can fix it, wonderful. If we cannot fix something we really reconsider if it’s necessary to replace. We spend time chatting with friends and giving them our undivided attention. We ditch the cell phones so that we can focus on the experience. We decorate our home with objects that warm our hearts. We are minimalists.

How would you define your version of minimalism?

2 thoughts on “How Many Forks Do I Have?

  1. I don’t really consider myself a minimalist but I am trying to gain control over all the physical and mental clutter in my life. I love what you said about minimalism meaning you value experiences over things. From that perspective, I am definitely a minimalist.

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