Mr. BMM Learns to Cut Hair

Have you ever received a terrible haircut and had to have someone help you fix it? I have received so many unwanted mullets and terrible hair cuts that I lost track of the numbers and people responsible. I mean how on earth does it happen when I specifically state I want it a little shorter in the back and a little longer in the front. I end up getting the complete opposite. Each time Mr. BMM is in the bathroom listening to my directions on how to fix the haircut. And each time Mr. BMM asks “how did this happen again?” And each time I give him the “I have no freaking clue how this happened” look.

Last week during dinner I asked him if he would mind cutting my hair. He looked a little bit puzzled but agreed. I explained my hair goals, mullets, and how I really just needed him to trim the length because I should be able to cut the layers myself. By working from home, I am drying my hair less, flat ironing it less, and so it is growing longer and healthier. I should really only need two hair cuts a year if this pattern continues.

I will spend less time traveling, getting my hair cut, getting my hair cut fixed, and money by teaching Mr. BMM to cut my hair.

black hair brush

What have you recently decided to bring in house?

3 thoughts on “Mr. BMM Learns to Cut Hair

  1. when i was in the navy and in training to be a corpsman, i would give my buddies haircuts and they would pass inspection. i would go to the base barber and told i was “marginal.” lol since you do not say you keep going back to the same place/person, i will guess you are not. sorry you have such problems, but i guess the person just inst understanding your directions and maybe you should adjust them and or make sure they understand the directions. my current person cut my hair correct the first time i visited her and they keep track of how it was done so it can be done right the next time. good luck.

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    1. Marginal??? Hahaha they passed inspection! Thank you for your service.

      My request is pretty basic in my mind but you never know! I can’t wait for my first hair cut from my huaband!


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